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Chapter I. Political democracy and political parties
Chapter II. Reform and society
Chapter III. Religion, human rights, Tibet and Taiwan
Chapter IV. Diplomacy and national defense
Chapter V. Economic development and enterprises
Chapter VI. Opening up policy and foreign direct investment
Chapter VII. Finance, foreign exchange and insurance
Chapter VIII. Education, science, health and environment
Chapter IX. People's life
Chapter X. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers
The 11th Five-Year Plan
China Through a Lens
China Statistics
Province View
China's Political System
Ethnic Minorities in China
China's Religious Affairs
China Quick Facts
China's War on Poverty
Government White Papers

VII-1 Question: Since December 11, 2006, China has been fully open to foreign banks. But a constant question being asked is why China encourages foreign banks to incorporate locally? In terms of supervision over foreign banks, what principles will China follow?
VII-2 Question: The Chinese rural market is in desperate need of capital, but the domestic commercial banks are quickly retreating from that market. This phenomenon poses a big problem for developing a new countryside. In the next round of financial reforms, what kinds of reforms will take place in rural areas, and what will the government do to satisfy the rural market demand for capital?
VII-3 Question: Money laundering is a serious crime in the financial field. At present, how many types of money laundering crimes occur in China? In terms of preventing and combating money laundering, what has China done so far?
VII-4 Question: In the past two years, China had hundreds of billions of dollars of trade surplus each year. The Chinese balance of international payments has been running high and causing much attention both at home and abroad. What are the major reasons behind the international payments imbalance? What will China do to reverse this trend?
VII-5 Question: Historical data show that before 1979, China's foreign exchange reserves had never exceeded US$1 billion. Now, the reserves are over $1 trillion, the largest in the world. How is China going to use such huge reserves?
VII-6 Question: Recently, there has been speculation in the international market that China will let its currency appreciate rapidly. Is this true? What is the future trend of the Renminbi yuan?
VII-7 Question: On February 1, 2007, China adjusted its foreign exchange control policies for individuals. What are the key changes? What is the rational for these changes?
VII-8 Question: China's insurance market is still not as mature as that of developed countries. How have foreign insurance companies been developing in China? What is the future plan for the further opening of insurance market?
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