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Chapter I. Political democracy and political parties
Chapter II. Reform and society
Chapter III. Religion, human rights, Tibet and Taiwan
Chapter IV. Diplomacy and national defense
Chapter V. Economic development and enterprises
Chapter VI. Opening up policy and foreign direct investment
Chapter VII. Finance, foreign exchange and insurance
Chapter VIII. Education, science, health and environment
Chapter IX. People's life
Chapter X. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers
The 11th Five-Year Plan
China Through a Lens
China Statistics
Province View
China's Political System
Ethnic Minorities in China
China's Religious Affairs
China Quick Facts
China's War on Poverty
Government White Papers

VI-1 Question: Tianjin Binhai New Area is a showcase for regional economic development. What is its appeal to foreign investors? What are the development plans for the area?
VI-2 Question: The post-WTO transition period for China expired in the end of 2006. In the past five years, how have the industries in China met the challenges of WTO entry?
VI-3 Question: Some foreign investors have complained that China has fallen behind schedule in opening the telecommunications industry. Why has this happened? What are the opportunities for foreign investors in this sector?
VI-4 Question: China's WTO commitments include opening the healthcare market to foreign investors. What has been achieved in this area? How can China regulate foreign-funded hospitals?
VI-5 Question: In recent years, China has organized a series of large-scale culture exchange activities to introduce Chinese culture to the world. What other channels will China use to promote its culture in the world? What are the government policies in this regard?
VI-6 Question: China is in the process of launching the Young Volunteers Overseas Program. Why? What has been done so far? What kind of work will these volunteers do?
VI-7 Question: With the deepening of China's opening up, more and more foreigners want to conduct surveying and mapping in China. What are the government policies on this? What kind of approaches should they adopt? How should they do so as not to violate Chinese laws or regulations?
VI-8 Question: In August 2006, the Chinese Government auctioned off wild animal hunting licenses for the first time? Why? What are the policies governing wild animal hunting? Does this contravene with the protection of wild animals?
VI-9 Question: Some media have reported that in recent years China has been picky about foreign capital eager to enter the Chinese market. In the next few years, China will carry out substantial readjustments in terms of utilizing foreign capital. Why is that? What are the readjustments about?
VI-10 Question: According to some reports, in the next few years, China will further strengthen the censorship and supervision over foreign acquisition of sensitive and key enterprises related to national security. Why is that? Does that mean protectionism is rising in China and China will limit foreign investment in the country?
VI-11 Question: In July 2006, six of the Chinese Government departments jointly issued a notice restricting foreign investment in the real estate market in China. Why is that? What are the new regulations concerning foreign investment and individuals entering the property market or buying apartments in China?
VI-12 Question: In recent years, several transnational acquisition cases involving Chinese companies have attracted worldwide attention, making some draw the conclusion that China had countless capital to invest in the world. Will China's overseas investments pose threat to the destination countries and the local companies? Will China become a major investment country?
VI-13 Question: The software industry has become a strategic industry with development priority. What is the current performance of the software industry? Compared with other countries, what are the features of Chinese software exports? What is the development goal of the software industry in the next few years?
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