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Get to know the NPC and CPPCC
Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
China faces environmental pressures
China faces environmental pressures
Internal reform for national change
Internal reform for national change
China's health reform in crucial stage
China's health reform in crucial stage
The Economy
China's Internet giant aims to take WeChat overseas
With the development of mobile Internet, China's Internet companies now get the chance to go global, the CEO of Tencent said during the ongoing NPC session this Tuesday.
- China names regions for seawater desalination pilots
- Macao's package tour arrivals up 18.3% in January
Defense & Diplomacy
Military deputies vow to build strong army
Military deputies to China's top legislature have vowed to build a strong army following top Chinese leader Xi Jinping's calls to that effect earlier in the week.
- Aircraft maker expects exports of Y-20 airlifters
- Deputies call for aviation law
Fighting Corruption
Anti-graft efforts to get institutional impetus
China's anti-graft campaign is expected to gain more momentum through institutional reforms, as the country's leadership has vowed to fight corruption resolutely, analysts have said.
- China unveil anti-corruption working practices
- Beijing to cull lavish spending
Beautiful China
Protecting the Environment
Promise of iron fist against pollution
Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Sunday to use an "iron fist" to tackle China's pollution and food safety problems.
- Rapid urbanization contributes to air pollution
- Tougher fight against illegal sand mining proposed
Improving People's Livelihood
Farmland policy reforms requested
Farmland policy reforms requested
Changes are being urged in China's farmland policies, including reforms in subsidies to farmers, as wasted or deserted land is challenging food security in a country with more than 1.3 billion people.
- Chinese in ROK reminded of insurance returns
- China exports more mechanical, electronical products in 2012
Other Issues
Web bosses go into politics
A number of big names in China's Internet industry have made their way to the nation's top legislative and advisory bodies as the industry's prominence has grown.
- Tan Jing: Enjoy a cultural blend
- Call for credit system to improve execution of verdicts
Premier Li Keqiang’s debut press conference
The newly-elected Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hosted a press conference on Sunday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
• Highlights of the press conference | Video
- China unveils new cabinet amid function reform
- China's top legislature concludes annual session
- Chinese dream highlighted at NPC closing session
- Top legislature has younger leaders
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- Premier Li Keqiang’s debut press conference
- China's top legislature concludes annual session
- Zhang Gaoli, Liu Yandong, Wang Yang, Ma Kai endorsed as vice premiers of State Council
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National political advisors discuss the future at annual meeting.
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Preferential policies do not stop the rich emigrating and they aggravate the unfairness in the distribution of wealth
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