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Tan Jing: Enjoy a cultural blend
The "Chinese culture going global" project needs vigorous national support and effort, said globally renowned soprano and NPC deputy Tan Jing.
Call for credit system to improve execution of verdicts
A senior judge in Guangdong province has called for the establishment of a tougher social credit system to improve effective execution of judgments and verdicts given by the court and protect the lawful rights of parties involved.
Web bosses go into politics
A number of big names in China's Internet industry have made their way to the nation's top legislative and advisory bodies as the industry's prominence has grown.
Education for the disabled essential to society
A new draft revision on regulating education for the disabled was finally sent to the State Council for final approval after three years delay.
Song Xiuyan on how to enhance gender equality
Perfecting the mechanism and strictly implementing the outlines and policies will provide a solid guarantee in realizing the equality of men and women.
Top-level design required for cultural development
China needs a systemized top-level design to promote greater cultural development, said world-renowned baritone and NPC deputy Liao Changyong.
Police's crackdown on organized crime fruitful
Chinese police have uprooted 15,820 gangs engaged in robbery and burglary in a two-month long special action nationwide, according to sources with the Ministry of Public Security.
Chinese craze for English debated
A Chinese professor's blunt criticism of what he believes is an excessive craze for learning English has sparked heated debate among the public.
Peng Changcheng: Let foreigners know more on China
The Chinese Culture Going Global project requires perseverance and a correct attitude, said Peng Changcheng, NPC deputy and editorial board director of Reader magazine, on March11.
Beijing to improve subway flow
Beijing will further limit the number of rush-hour subway passengers and increase vehicle capacity to cope with the growing pressure on the network, said the city's transport authority.
Beijing should strive to be int'l academic center
Beijing should strive to be the international academic center by making use of all resources owned by its top-notch universities.
Efforts needed to nurture ethnic culture
National legislators and political advisers have called for improved efforts to protect the unique heritage in Yunnan province, where the language and culture of some of its 25 ethnic groups are in danger of dying out.
Surrogacy crackdown to continue
China's Ministry of Health yesterday scotched media reports that surrogacy is about to be legalized.
China to tighten profitable service institution approval
The registration of profitable service institutions from Hong Kong and Macao has to be approved by civil affairs authorities starting July 1 this year, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) on Tuesday.
360 arrested for enticing deaf-mutes to commit crime
Chinese police have arrested 360 suspects for their involvement in enticing deaf-mutes to engage in robbery or burglary, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said on Tuesday.
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