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Protecting the Environment  
Promise of iron fist against pollution
Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Sunday to use an "iron fist" to tackle China's pollution and food safety problems.
Rapid urbanization contributes to air pollution
Big cities in China's main economic zones have over 200 hazy days per year, resulting from rapid industrialization and urbanization.
Air quality monitoring network to expand
A national air quality monitoring network with nearly 950 monitoring stations is expected to be operational in 190 Chinese cities by the end of the year, a senior environmental official said Friday.
Fujian puts focus on environment
Fujian province will give ecological projects a more prominent position during its economic development, said the province's top political leader.
Team effort gives Urumqi blue skies and clean air
Four former mayors of Urumqi said improved air quality is the result of efforts by a series of city administrators and requires different measures to deal with the changing sources of pollutants caused by development.
Tougher fight against illegal sand mining proposed
China should clamp down on rampant illegal sand mining in its largest freshwater lake to protect the local ecology, said a legislator on Thursday.
Inner Mongolia to assist in Beijing sandstorms fight
Deputies from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to the 12th National People's Congresshave called for upgrading the desertification control project that blocks sandstorms from hitting the country's capital.
'Beautiful China' campaign needs administrative awe
The momentous campaign of "beautiful China" by the country's new leadership must be given more power in terms of administration to ensure it is put in practice by local governments.
120 mln yuan provided to fight drought
The Chinese government has earmarked 120 million yuan (19.14 million U.S. dollars) to fight drought in west China, the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday.
Beijing fights for blue skies
A leading figure of the Beijing Olympics said the capital is doing more to ensure blue skies than it did for the historic event.
Clean water crucial to project
A mayor in Henan province is vowing to maintain a clean supply of water for a project that diverts water from the Yangtze River to northern Chinese cities, including Beijing.
China's forestry developments in 2012
China's National Afforestation Committee released a bulletin showcasing developments in the forestry sector in 2012 to mark the country's 35th Tree Planting Day.
China to subsidize more denitrified power plants
China's environmental watchdog on Monday expanded a trial program on subsidizing denitrified power plants to the entire country to further cut nitric oxide emissions and protect the environment.
Strong winds bring dust to Beijing
Strong winds dispersed Beijing's lingering haze, but ushered in dust storms and a sharp temperature drop on Saturday.
China tackles environment issues through legislation
A number of environmental laws, adopted in the past five years, have helped China to follow a sustainable growth pattern, said Wu Bangguo, the country's top legislator, on Friday.
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