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Get to know the NPC and CPPCC
The China Dream  
A man and his dream to visualize the impossible
When 28-year-old Shi Xin opened his special effects studio in Beijing in late 2008, he was uncertain as to what the future held. At certain points afterwards, he also contemplated leaving the industry due to incessant pressures.
Two brothers, one capital idea
There is a Chinese saying: "Study hard every day, and you'll keep improving." However, a popular Beijing grill has its own version of the saying: "Study hard and spend the rest of the day eating grilled food."
Top graduate finds calling as community worker
While in college, Guo Ling made up her mind about what she would do after graduation. As an international relations majoring postgraduate student at Beijing Normal University, one of China's elite universities, Guo Ling planned to make her mark as a diplomat or a researcher of international relations.
Queque spreads her wings
There’s no question that the social media universe has had a major impact on fashion over the past five to ten years, but don’t be mislead, this piece has nada to do with that particular phenomenon. Instead, it is fully dedicated to a new bird on the shoe scene who has recently set up her own shop on Taobao: Introducing Yang Que and her brand Adorable Mode.
Xiaojuan's songs in the key of life
For eleven years, Xiaojuan, the lead vocalist of the independent Chinese folk band "Xiaojuan & Residents from the Valley", and her soul mate, guitarist Xiaoqiang have been singing regularly in the evening at Moon River Resort's buffet restaurant in Tongzhou District, Beijing, six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.
A pioneer of special education still inspires
Dr. Chen was the first person in China to advocate moving students with disabilities to mainstream classes.
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General Liu: Diaoyu Islands war not yet at hand
General Liu Yuan told China.org.cn that the Diaoyu Islands dispute is far from becoming a war, and the army should focus on protecting the best interests of the nation and its people.
- New laws help China grow into maritime power
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Pursuing the Chinese dream
National political advisors discuss the future at annual meeting.
- Invitation to "My China Story" Contest
- How is Beijingers' 'Chinese dream' realized?
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- Premier Li Keqiang’s debut press conference
- China's top legislature concludes annual session
- Zhang Gaoli, Liu Yandong, Wang Yang, Ma Kai endorsed as vice premiers of State Council
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Xi Jinping
Zhang Gaoli Wang Qishan Liu Yunshan
Yu Zhengsheng Zhang Dejiang Li Keqiang
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Cyber attack battlefield: the clash of victimhood
The US government, media and private security firms have synchronized their efforts for a second cyber security offensive.
- Chronicle of China's unfolding ten years foretold
- Tackling income tax evasion
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Will China surpass the US by 2049?
  China Wiki + More
On Dec. 4, 2012, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting during which Eight Provisions (八项规定) on how to improve its general work methods and relations with the public were considered and adopted.
  NPC FAQs + More
- How does the NPC relate to other state organs?
- What are the powers and functions of the NPC Standing Committee?
- What are the legitimate sphere of influence of the NPC and its Standing Committee?
  CPPCC FAQs + More
- What are the general principles guiding the work of CPPCC?
- What constitutes democratic supervision?
- What form of democratic supervision does the CPPCC provide?