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China's population to reach 1.42 billion by 2020

China's population will be about 1.42 billion by the end of 2020.

China to ease permanent resident application for foreigners

China will ease the criteria for foreign technical talents applying for permanent residence in the country.

China to build more comprehensive national security system

China will build a more comprehensive national security system, according to a draft outline for a development plan released Saturday.

China to cap energy consumption

China will put a cap on annual energy consumption between 2016 and 2020 to promote energy saving.

China to build democratic, transparent Internet governance system

China will build a multilateral, democratic and transparent Internet governance system, according to a draft outline of the country's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) released Saturday.

China to build 2nd railway linking Tibet with inland

China will build a second railway connecting Tibet with other parts of the country, according to a draft outline of a five-year plan released Saturday.

China to create 10 mln jobs in 2016

China aims to create at least 10 million new urban jobs and keep the registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent this year, according to a government work report to the national legislature annual session.

China drafting Civil Code: spokeswoman

China is drafting a fundamental Civil Code, with the draft's general rules expected to be submitted to the top legislature in June, a spokesperson for the annual session of the legislature said Friday.

Proposed bill to provide clearer lines for filmmaking

A new bill to promote China's movie industry will provide clearer lines for filmmakers, a spokeswoman for the annual session of the national legislature said Friday.

Population policy change timely

China's population policy change is timely and proper as the nationwide two-child policy took effect on Jan. 1, a spokesperson for the national legislature said on Friday.

China to push forward law-based taxation

China will continue to push forward the implementation of law-based taxation, a spokesperson for the nation's top legislature said Friday.

Proposed bill not to restrict overseas NGOs in China

A new bill to regulate overseas non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in China, yet to be finalized, aims not at restricting them but providing a better legal environment, a spokeswoman for the annual session of the country's top legislature said Friday.

China's NPC supervision not formality

China's top legislative body's supervision over law enforcement and government work is not a formality, a spokesperson said Friday.

43 national lawmakers resign since 2013

Altogether 43 national lawmakers have resigned and 27 others were dismissed in China since 2013, largely due to graft, a spokesperson with the top legislature said Friday.

China guarantees rights of lawyers

China guarantees the rights of lawyers to fulfill their missions in line with law, regarding them an important force in promoting the rule of law, a spokeswoman for the annual session of China's top legislature said Friday.
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