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Former athlete calls for better military fitness

As reporters mobbed her high-profile counterpart Yao Ming for interviews on Sunday afternoon, Wang Lianying, who is also a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference's National Committee, sat in the same room drawing no media attention at all.

More progress on virtual reality base in Nanchang

East China's Nanchang city will work together with High Technology Computer Corporation (HTC) to develop virtual reality (VR) industry base, said Guo An, mayor of Nanchang city and a deputy to the National People's Congress on Saturday.

NPC deputy publishes breakthrough for oil industry

Bao Xinhe, a physical chemist from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a National People's Congress deputy, reported a revolutionary chemical processing method that could make the country's basic chemical materials more affordable and eco-friendly.

Shanghai and HK again garner attention

Two of China's major economic centers have been put under the spotlight at this year's session of the National People's Congress.

Heilongjiang province won't produce GM food

The governor of Heilongjiang is promising no genetically-modified food is being grown in the northeastern Chinese province at the moment.

China ratchets up anti-pollution effort

China will intensify its efforts to reduce pollution, Premier Li said in his annual Government Work Report on Saturday, citing as an example ambitious targets in fighting smog that will increase the number of days with good air quality.

Central gov't follows Constitution, Basic Law of HK, Macao

China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang said Sunday the central authority will act strictly in compliance with the Constitution and the respective Basic Law of Hong Kong and Macao.

Sky is the limit for China's national strategy

For thousands of years thinkers have grappled to understand the origins of the universe. Now, this question has been included, alongside more terrestrial topics such as agriculture, in China's new economic and social development plan.

China requires generics to obtain brand-name drug quality

Pharmaceutical companies have been ordered to make sure the quality and efficacy of their drugs are on par with brand-name drugs, a move that aims to improve the nation's pharma industry.

Technology triggers translation industry bonanza

Search giant Baidu won in early January second prize at the China 2015 National Science and Technology Awards for its technological development of machine translation. The competitiveness in world markets of the more than 7,000 products, including websites and apps, that the company’s translation system has been applied to or embedded in has dramatically improved. For example, it enables the 1.2 million domestic suppliers on to sell products to more than 10 million buyers in 224 countries and regions.

A passage to China

The lianghui is a good platform for Africans to know China first-hand

African eyes on China's 'Two Sessions'

Journalists from the continent covering annual deliberations of top Chinese political advisory body

SPP improves work following legislators' advice

The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) announced on Friday it has replied to all 109 suggestions proposed during the third session of the 12th National People's Congress and improved work accordingly.

China to make maritime law in five years

China will strengthen the top-level design of its maritime strategy and make a basic maritime law between 2016 and 2020.

China's case filing surges 30% after judicial reform

The number of legal cases filed in China from May to December 2015 hit nearly 10 million, up 29.5 percent year on year since the Supreme People's Court (SPC) simplified the filing system in April.
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