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Latest Updates

Constitutional Amendments Approved

NPC Adopts Amendments to Constitution with Overwhelming Majority

Top Legislature Endorses Government Work Report

NPC Session Holds 3rd Presidium Meeting

Lawmakers Show Concern over Cultural Security

Partnership Between Government and NGOs Urged

Villager-turned NPC Deputies Lobby for Fellow Farmers' Interests

Editorial Hails Success of Top Advisory Meeting

CPPCC Session Closes with "Fruitful Results"

CPPCC National Committee Adopts Political Resolution

CPPCC Resolution Supports Basic Principle on HK, Macao, Taiwan

NPC Session Holds Second Presidium Meeting

Revised CPPCC Charter to Have Far-reaching Influence: Official

Legislature Urges Concrete Actions for Issues on Agriculture, Farmers

CPPCC Charter Embraces 'Three Represents'

More Than 1,000 Motions Tabled to NPC Session

Foreign Media Focus on Five Topics of NPC, CPPCC Sessions

Campaign on Corruption Focus of Sessions

Regulator Ups Supervision of Pilot Banks

Top Legislators Heed Concerns of Common Folks

Anti-graft Sword Targets Financial Sector

Top Leaders Urged Military Modernization

Ecological Legislation Urged for Man-nature Harmony

No Timetable for Listing of Major Two State Commercial Banks

Central Bank Not Mulling Interest Rate Rise Despite CPI Growth

Foreign Newspapers Hail Chinese CPPCC, NPC Meetings

Lawmaker Calls for Legislation Against 'Biological Intrusion'

Central Bank Steps up Crackdown on Counterfeiting Currency

NPL Ratio of Chinese Banks Down to 17.8%

Lawmakers Propose for Opening Free Trade Zones Along Continental Bridge

Legislator Calls for Law on AIDS Control

Face up to Anti-dumping Charges: NPC Deputies

New Government Focused on People

Procuratorates to Step Up Fight Against Job-related Crimes

Procuratorates to Strengthen Supervision, Law Enforcement

Six Ministerial Officials Punished for Corruption in 2003

Supervision Primary Task for Legislature in 2004

Better Protection of Private Property Hailed

NPC Deputies Discuss Property, Human Rights Protection

Foreign Media Pay Attention to NPC, CPPCC Sessions

'Common Wealth' Policy Winning Wide Support

'Road Map' to Balanced Development

Mayors Vow to Help Their Residents

China's Constitution to Enshrine 'Social Security' for Fair Cake-cutting

National Advisors Voice Views on Better Society

Government Advisors, Lawmakers Propose Ways to Soothe Thirst of Nation

State Leaders Join Deputies, Advisors in Panel Discussions

Government to Tackle Farmer Workers' Wage Arrears Issue

Amendment Paves Way for Emergency Bill

Private Sector: Pillar of Growth

Expert: Defense Spending Rise Justified

Government Urged to Help Women Find More Jobs

CPPCC Member Urges Enaction of Anti-drug Law

East-West Balance Sought

Chinese, Rich and Poor Alike, All Thumbs up for Constitutional Protection of Private Assets

Leading Economists Optimistic About Rational Economic Growth

Legislators Lash out at Duplicated Investment

CPPCC, a 'Wisdom Treasury' with Big Achievements

Foreign Media Follow NPC, CPPCC Sessions with Interest

NPC Deputies, CPPCC Members on Scientific Concept of Development

Top Leaders Attend NPC Panel Discussions, Hail Int'l Women's Day

Chronology of China's Constitutional Amendments

Chinese People Alert on Grain Security As Prices Rise

Educators Embrace Balanced Development

Xinjiang Seeks Balanced Investment

Sichuan Governor Pledges Protection for Migrants

World Reactions on the On-going Sessions of NPC & CPPCC

Forex Chief: Don't Bet on RMB Appreciation

HK, Macao Guaranteed Strong Support

NPC Deputies: 7-percent Economic Growth a Pragmatic Goal

Ma Kai: Sizzling Economy to Be Controlled

Experts on Raising Farmers' Income, Cutting Agricultural tax

President Pledges Better Protection of Overseas Chinese's Rights, Interests

Official: China Sets No Target for Forex Reserve

Expert: China's 2004 Higher Unemployment Rate Accords with Reality

China to Intensify Efforts Against Money laundering

Proposed Amendment to CPPCC Charter Unveiled

Cabinet Ends Irregular Decision-making Meetings

Top Leaders Join Panel Discussions of Lawmakers

Questions by US Students to Chinese Premier

Netizens Constitute Most Active "Constituency" in China

China to Increase Defense Spending by 11.6% in 2004

China Races Against Time in Reform of State-owned Commercial Banks

Overseas Ceramic Fairs Misuse Name

Chinese FM Meets Press

China Moves to Experiment with New Rural Medical Service

RMB 10 Billion Risk Fund to Benefit Grain Farmers

Government Pledges Tax Reduction, More Funds for Farmers

Top Priorities for 2004 Budget Expenditures

HK Media Praise Premier Wen's Report Putting People First

Economist: Central Government Signals Slowing Growth Guideline

Institutional Innovation Vital to Fighting Against Corruption

Key Issues to Be Discussed at NPC Annual Session

Nation Urged to Boost Rural Development: Experts

Economist Warns Not to Ignore GDP

People Web Wires Messages to Legislature Meeting

Premier Wen on Principal Domestic Tasks for 2004

Premier Focuses on People's Well-being in Government Report

Premier Wen: Government to Reduce Issuance of Treasury Bonds Gradually

Premier Wen: Independent Foreign Policy to Continue

People's Daily Hails Legislature's Annual Session

Advisers Hear Firsthand Needs of Entrepreneurs

Deputies' Motions Come up Trumps

Congress Starts Busy Schedule Friday

Top Leaders Call for Coordinated Development

NPC Spokesman Slams Taiwan 'Referendum'

10th NPC Set to Work on Laws

Leaders, Media Work to Improve Transparency

Year 2004 Crucial to China's Reform, Development

Top Legislature Makes Final Preparations for Annual Session

Meeting Traffic Flow Granted Top Priority

Political Advisers Pledge to Better People's Life

New Concept Focuses on Balanced Progress

NPC, CPPCC Sessions Press Center Trying to Beat Unsatiable Media Demand

CPPCC Begins Annual Session in Beijing

Deputies Ready for NPC Session

Everything Ready for Legislature's Annual Session

NPC to Focus on Daily Concerns, Corruption

People's Daily Hails Opening of CPPCC Session

Upcoming NPC, CPPCC Sessions Expect Appeased GDP Fervor

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