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Speeches and Reports

Full Text of the Report on China's Economic and Social Development Plan

Full Text of China's Budgets Report

Report on the Work of the Government

Legislature Urges Concrete Actions for Issues on Agriculture, Farmers

Procuratorates to Step Up Fight Against Job-related Crimes

Procuratorates to Strengthen Supervision, Law Enforcement

Courts to Continue 'Striking Hard' on Crimes: Chief Justice

Six Ministerial Officials Punished for Corruption in 2003

Supervision Primary Task for Legislature in 2004

Legislature Increases Exchange with Foreign Counterparts: Wu

Legislature to Make More Laws This Year: NPC Chairman

Finance Minister on 2004 Budgetary Targets

Government Pledges Tax Reduction, More Funds for Farmers

Top Priorities for 2004 Budget Expenditures

RMB 10 Billion Risk Fund to Benefit Grain Farmers

China to Use Treasury Bonds in Balancing Development

Local Revenue Exceeds Expenditures in 2003

China Continues Reform of Budget Management System

Finance Minister: Fiscal Policy Important in Safeguarding Economy in 2003

Finance Minister Vows to Tighten Expenditure Management

Transfer Payments to Local Governments to be Increased

China Moves to Handle Unpaid Export Tax Rebates

More Funds Allocated for Employment, Social Security and Social Undertakings in 2003

Finance Minister on 2004 Budgetary Targets

Finance Minister Lists Problems in Implementing Budget

Finance Minister: Farmers' Burden Reduced by 30% in 2003

National Revenue up 14.7% in 2003

China to Increase Defense Spending by 11.6% in 2004

China to Beef up Human Resources Development in 2004

China to Raise Farmers' Income, Improve Food Security

Minister on Difficulties, Problems Facing China

China Reports Progress in Social Undertakings

China Attains Main Targets for Economic, Social Development

Main Development Tasks Set for 2004

Top Legislative Body Begins Annual Session

Premier Urges Cultural Development

Premier Wen on Human Resouces Development Development

Premier Wen: China to Strengthen Public Health Sector

Premier on Demolition of Urban Houses, Expropriation of Farmland

Premier Wen Wants Rural Workers Paid on Time

China to Open Wider to Outside World

Premier Wen: Concrete, Prudent Efforts to be Made in Political Restructuring

Premier Reiterates "One Country, Two System" Principle

Premier Wen Vows to Further Transform Government Functions

Premier Wen: China to Boost Non-public Sector Economy

Premier Wen Vows to Fight Crimes

China to Scrap Agriculture Tax in 5 Years

Premier Wen Vows to Intensify Job Creation, Social Security Work

Premier Wen Urges Accelerating Reform of State Banks

Premier Wen on Principal Domestic Tasks for 2004

Premier Wen: China to Appropriately Control Scale of Investment

Government to Rectify Itself, Fight Corruption

China to Coordinate Economic Development in Different Regions: Premier Wen

Premier Wen: Government Tries to Ensure Adequate Disaster Relief

Agriculture a Top Priority in Government Work

Premier Wen Pledges Stable Growth in 2004

Government Works Hard to Create Jobs in 2003: Premier Wen

Premier Wen: Government to Reduce Issuance of Treasury Bonds Gradually

Appropriate Macro-control Boosts Economy

Premier Wen: Independent Foreign Policy to Continue

Premier: Mainland Will Never Allow Anyone to Split Taiwan

Premier: China to Improve Defense Capability

Premier Wen Expects a 7% Economic Growth

CPPCC Chairman: Development Is Top Priority

Jia Qinglin Reiterates One-China Principle

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