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Photo Journal

Annual NPC Session Closes in Beijing

Chinese Premier Meets Press

Ethnic Minority Delegates

Deputies Attent the Closing Ceremony of the Second Session of the 10th NPC on March 14

NPC's 3rd Presidium Meeting

NPC Session to Close Sunday Afternoon

Until Next Year

CPPCC Winds up Annual Session on March 12

Governors on Development of Northeast China

CPPCC Annual Session to Close on March 12

Government Ministers

CPPCC Members Discuss NPC Reports

Banking Sector Reforms

Procurator-general Jia Chunwang Delivers a Report on the Work of the Supreme People's Procuratorate

Xiao Yang, President of China's Supreme People's Court Delivers a Report on the Judicial Work in 2003

NPC Chairman Wu Bangguo Delivers a Work Report

Top Leaders Join Group Discussions

Jiang Deming, An Agriculture Technique Staff, Bringing 51 Proposals to Annual Meeting of NPC

Zheng Silin

CPPCC Session Holds Second Press Conference

Ushers in the Great Hall of the People

Women Deputies from the People's Liberation Army

Wang Zhaoguo

Fu Xiurong of the Li Ethnic Group from Hainan Province Talks About Agricultural Development

Inner Mongolia Delegation

Beijing Mayor Wang Qishan Joins Panel Discussion About the Government Work Report on March 7

Rejuvenating Old Industrial Base in Northeast China

Finance Minister Jin Renqing makes the work report on 2004 budget targets to the national legislature's annual session Saturday.

Reporters Log on at Press Center for Sessions Information

Police Guards in the Tian'anmen Square

Wu Guanzheng Visits Members

Nation Focuses on NPC Session

Some 2904 Deputies Attent the Opening Ceremony of the Second Session of the 10th NPC

Security Tight for the NPC Annual Meeting

Premier Wen Jiabao Delivers His Government Work Report to the NPC

Listen to the Work Report

Ethnic Minority Delegates

China's Top Legislature Begins Annual Session

Military Deputies

Top Legislature Makes Final Preparations for Annual Session

NPC Presidium Holds Its First Meeting

Foreign Diplomats Invited to CPPCC Session

Security Check

Ethnic Minority Delegates

CPPCC Begins Annual Session in Beijing

Economist Lin Yifu

Jia Qinglin

Jiang Kun, a Crosstalk Show Artist

China's Top Advisory Body Begins Annual Session

Press Conference for CPPCC

CPPCC Name List on Sale

CPPCC Holds First Press Conference

NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members Arrive in Beijing

Journalists to the Two Sessions

NPC Deputies Arrive in Beijing

Beijing Welcomes the Two Sessions

600 Oriental Sons Head for NPC & CPPCC

First Group of NPC Deputies Arrive in Beijing


Tian'anmen Square

The Second Session of the 10th NPC Opens on March 5

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