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Press Conferences

Chinese Premier Meets Press

Chinese Premier Vows Further Crackdown upon Corruption

China Hopes for Lasting Peace, Stability in South Asia: Premier

Japanese Leaders' Yasukuni Shrine Visits Main Problem for Sino-Japanese Ties: Premier

Chinese State Commercial Banks Face Last-ditch Battle: Premier

Chinese Premier Cites Unity, Stability as Priority Issues

China Firmly Opposes Attempt to Separate Taiwan from Motherland: Premier

Chinese Premier Pledges Continuous Support to HK

Premier on Government Institutional Reform

Party to Follow Constitution and Law: Premier

Chinese Premier Confident in Energy Cooperation with Russia

Taiwan's Referendum Threatening Stability Across Taiwan Straits: Premier

Issues Affecting People's Interests to Be Solved Through Legal Means: Premier

Chinese Premier Responds to Question from Public, US Teenagers

Chinese Economy at Critical Juncture: Premier

China Will Never Seek Hegemony: Premier

Premier Vows to Live up to People's Expectations

Major Granary Promises to Produce More Grain

Regulator Ups Supervision of Pilot Banks

Loans for Individuals, Private Firms Up by 50% Annually: Banker

No Timetable for Listing of Major Two State Commercial Banks

Central Bank Not Mulling Interest Rate Rise Despite CPI Growth

Central Bank Steps up Crackdown on Counterfeiting Currency

NPL Ratio of Chinese Banks Down to 17.8%

Central Bank Vows to Keep RMB Exchange Rate 'Basically Stable'

Private Sector: Pillar of Growth

Social Security Fund Secured off Capital Market

East-West Balance Sought

CPPCC Members on Developing Non-public Sector

Xinjiang Seeks Balanced Investment

CPPCC Members on Revitalizing NE China's Industry

Foreign Minister Meets the Press

Peacefully Rising China to Benefit Other Countries: FM

China-US Common Interests on Increase: Chinese FM

FM: Nobody Allowed to Split Taiwan from China

FM: Great Cooperation Potential Between China and Arab States

China to Intensify Anti-terror Efforts

Chinese FM: Japanese Leaders Should Take History as Mirror

FM: China Pleased to See India-Pakistan Relationship Improved

FM: China Highly Values Friendly Ties with Pakistan

FM: Continuity Important to China's Diplomacy

China Opposes Foreign Interference into HK Affairs

Chinese FM Denounces Unilateralism, Favors Multilateralism

FM : China Has Little Information about Alleged DPRK Uranium Program

China Attaches Greatest Importance to Human Rights

ROK Foreign Minister to Visit China

Chinese, Russian President to Hold Summit Later in 2004

Chinese FM Denies DPRK "Refugees" in China

Congress Starts Busy Schedule Friday

NPC Spokesman Slams Taiwan 'Referendum'

Legislature Pledges More Anti-graft Lawmaking

Amendment to CPPCC Charter Scheduled

Political Advisers Meet Today

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