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Regulator Ups Supervision of Pilot Banks

Central Bank Not Mulling Interest Rate Rise Despite CPI Growth

NPL Ratio of Chinese Banks Down to 17.8%

Lawmakers Propose for Opening Free Trade Zones Along Continental Bridge

Face up to Anti-dumping Charges: NPC Deputies

New Government Focused on People

'Common Wealth' Policy Winning Wide Support

Mayors Vow to Help Their Residents

'Road Map' to Balanced Development

Private Sector: Pillar of Growth

CPPCC Members on Developing Non-public Sector

Growth Plans for Zhejiang's Private Sector

East-West Balance Sought

Leading Economists Optimistic About Rational Economic Growth

Legislators Lash out at Duplicated Investment

CPPCC Members on Revitalizing NE China's Industry

Forex Chief: Don't Bet on RMB Appreciation

Private Entrepreneurs Demand Equal Rights in Business

NPC Deputies: 7-percent Economic Growth a Pragmatic Goal

Non-public Sectors Vital in Promoting Growth of Productive Force

Proposed Amendment to CPPCC Charter Unveiled

Revitalization of Heilongjiang

Leading Economist Calls for Efforts to Boost Private Sector in NE China

Official: China Sets No Target for Forex Reserve

Expert: China's 2004 Higher Unemployment Rate Accords with Reality

China to Intensify Efforts Against Money laundering

Economist: Make It Easier for Private Sector to Develop

RMB 10 Billion Risk Fund to Benefit Grain Farmers

China Continues Reform of Budget Management System

Finance Minister: Fiscal Policy Important in Safeguarding Economy in 2003

China Moves to Handle Unpaid Export Tax Rebates

More Funds Allocated for Employment, Social Security and Social Undertakings in 2003

Government Pledges Tax Reduction, More Funds for Farmers

Top Priorities for 2004 Budget Expenditures

Finance Minister on 2004 Budgetary Targets

Finance Minister Lists Problems in Implementing Budget

Minister on Difficulties, Problems Facing China

China Reports Progress in Social Undertakings

China Attains Main Targets for Economic, Social Development

China to Beef up Human Resources Development in 2004

Main Development Tasks Set for 2004

Premier Wen on Human Resouces Development Development

China to Open Wider to Outside World

Economist Warns Not to Ignore GDP

Premier Wen: China to Boost Non-public Sector Economy

Premier Wen Vows to Intensify Job Creation, Social Security Work

Premier Wen Urges Accelerating Reform of State Banks

Premier Wen: China to Appropriately Control Scale of Investment

Premier Wen Pledges Stable Growth in 2004

Appropriate Macro-control Boosts Economy

Premier Wen Expects a 7% Economic Growth

Premier's "Math" Underscores Scientific Development

Year 2004 Crucial to China's Reform, Development

Upcoming NPC, CPPCC Sessions Expect Appeased GDP Fervor

Economists Forecast Rosy Picture for 2004

Enhanced Regulatory Framework Urged

Rules to Revitalize Market

Taxation Policy Should Help Narrow Gap

Private Funds to Speed up State Asset Reform

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