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Daily News 2010-12-23

Christian Bale, the star of the Batman franchise and Terminator Salvation.
Chinese film gets Batman for lead “蝙蝠侠”加盟《金陵十三钗》
Zhang Yimou's new film Thirteen Women of Nanjing will mark the first time a domestically funded Chinese movie has placed a Hollywood actor in a leading role, China News Service reported. Christian Bale, the star of the Batman franchise and Terminator Salvation will join Tong Dawei and Dou Xiao, who starred in Zhang's previous film Under the Hawthorn Tree. Executive producer Zhang Weiping said 600 million yuan has already been invested in the project. It is to be shot in January 2011 and released on Dec. 16, 2011. 据中新社报道,张艺谋新作《金陵十三钗》首次启用好莱坞影星克里斯蒂安•贝尔担任男主角,此举开国产电影先河。克里斯蒂安•贝尔曾出演过《蝙蝠侠》系列电影和《终结者2018》。佟大为和张艺谋上部电影《山楂树之恋》的男主角窦骁也将加盟该片。总制片张伟平透露,《金陵十三钗》总投资6亿人民币,将于明年1月开机,12月16日上映。
Gain weight and lose love 长肥4公斤竟会遭分手
A survey has shown that partners who gain 4 kg over Christmas could be single again before New Year, the Daily Mail reported. When questioned how much weight gain was acceptable, people said anything over 3 kg would be a major turn-off. Obesity topped the list of top seasonal turn-offs, with excess hair (34%), bad skin (18%) and bad breath (11%) also named as sources of domestic strife. 据英国《每日邮报》报道,一项调查显示,如果你因节日期间享受大餐而长胖4公斤的话,那么你有可能被你的男友或女友在明年到来之前甩掉。如果你问长胖多少可以接受的话,那么长胖一点点还是可以的,但如果超过3公斤,就会让人倒胃口。调查发现体重增长位列分手排行榜榜首,其它会惹怒你的爱人的种种因素还包括:毛发过多(占34%)、皮肤糟糕(占18%)和口臭(占11%)。
Apple ditches WikiLeaks app 苹果远离维基解密
Reuters reported that Apple has removed an application from its online store that gave users access to WikiLeaks' website content. But Google has kept more than half a dozen apps on its Android Marketplace, one of which alerts users whenever a new leaked document is made public. 路透社消息,近日,苹果公司从其网店上删除了可供用户链接至维基解密网页的应用程序,而谷歌公司在其Android应用网店上保留的该类程序却有六种以上。每当有新的泄密文件发布,其中一种程序就可以将这一信息告知用户。
Japanese GM mouse tweets 转基因老鼠叫声如小鸟
Japanese scientists have produced a genetically engineered mouse that tweets like a bird, the Daily Mail reported. A team of researchers at the University of Osaka are breeding genetically modified mice that are prone to miscopying DNA and are more likely to develop mutations. The researchers hope what they call the "Evolved Mouse Project" will throw light on how languages evolve. 英国《每日邮报》消息,日本科学家近日“研制”出的转基因老鼠叫声如同小鸟。大阪大学的研究者很有可能在匹配基因图谱时出错,因此导致老鼠基因突变。研究者希望他们的“老鼠进化项目”能对语言的进化过程提出新的见解。
ROK stages more live-fire drills 韩国举行冬季演习
South Korea began major land and air winter drills Thursday afternoon, Xinhua reported. The drills were held just 15 miles from the border with North Korea. More than 800 military personnel took part in the exercise in Pocheon. 新华社消息,韩国周四下午开始举行大规模陆军和空军的冬季联合演习。演习在距离朝鲜边境15英里的抱川市展开,此次演习投入兵力800余人。
Prosperity shifting to the east 繁荣从西方向东方转移
A global survey of economic prospects for 2011 suggests the optimists live in emerging countries like China, Brazil and India, the BBC reported. The survey, conducted by Gallup International, suggests the most downcast country is the UK. Pollsters questioned 64,000 people in 53 countries.


"While wealth is still concentrated in Europe and North America, there is a shift in power and prosperity from the West of the 20th Century to the East," Gallup said. The economies of the BRIC countries-with the exception of Russia-have high growth rates, with GDP expansion of 10 percent not unusual in China. In contrast, the developed economies are struggling to record any growth at all in the wake of the 2008 credit crisis.



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