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Daily News 2011-01-10
File photo of David, Victoria Beckham and their three sons.
File photo of David, Victoria Beckham and their three sons.
Beckhams expecting 4th child 小贝将迎来第四个孩子
A spokeswoman for Victoria Beckham confirmed Sunday that the Beckhams are expecting their fourth child, Reuters reported. David and Victoria Beckham already have three sons -- Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5. The announcement came on the same day that Beckham's proposed loan to English club Tottenham Hotspur fell through, although he will be allowed to train with the London team. 据路透社报道,维多利亚•贝克汉姆的女发言人于周日证实贝克汉姆夫妇将迎来他们的第四个孩子。大卫和维多利亚•贝克汉姆已养育3个儿子:11岁的布鲁克林、8岁的罗密欧和5岁的克鲁斯。在宣布这个消息的同一天,贝克汉姆借调英国托特纳姆热刺俱乐部的计划告吹,但他还可以和这支伦敦的球队一起训练。
Cruises likely to skip Oscars 靓汤可能错过奥斯卡
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may boycott next month's Oscars ceremony because they don't want an awkward red carpet confrontation with host, Anne Hathaway, the Daily Mail reports. Hathaway, who will be presenting the 83rd Academy Awards alongside "127 Hours" actor James Franco, upset Katie by mocking her on U.S. comedy show "Saturday Night Live" in November. A spokesman for Cruise said he had yet to decide whether to attend the Oscars, adding: "It's too early to confirm – it depends on shoot schedules." 据英国《每日邮报》报道,汤姆•克鲁斯和凯蒂•霍尔姆斯下个月或将缺席奥斯卡颁奖仪式,因为他们不想在红地毯上碰到主持人安妮•海瑟薇,以免尴尬。海瑟薇将与电影《127小时》的主演詹姆斯•弗兰科共同主持第83届学院奖颁奖典礼,她曾于11月份在美国喜剧节目《周六夜现场》上嘲弄凯蒂,这让凯蒂很生气。但克鲁斯的发言人表示,他还没决定是否出席奥斯卡,并补充道:“现在确定为时过早——这取决于电影摄制进度。”
Plane crashes in Iran; 72 killed 伊朗坠机 72人遇难
An Iran Air passenger jet carrying 106 people crashed and broke into several pieces as it was making an emergency landing Sunday in a snowstorm in the city of Orumiyeh, killing 72 of those on board, AP reports. The Boeing-727 was headed from Tehran to Orumiyeh, carrying 12 crew members and 94 passengers. It attempted the emergency landing after reporting a technical failure to the control tower without specifying it. The aircraft disappeared from radar and went down in farmland after making a second attempt to land. There is no word on what might have caused the crash. Thirty-four people survived, including two crew members. Some of the survivors were lightly wounded and able to walk off the plane, while others had to be hospitalized. Heavy snow and fog complicated rescue efforts. 据美联社报道,周日,伊朗航空公司一架载有106名乘客的客机在乌尔米耶市冒着暴风雪紧急迫降时坠落,机身裂成数段,机上72人遇难。这架波音727飞机从德黑兰飞往乌尔米耶,乘载着12名机组人员和94名乘客。它向指挥塔报告技术故障,但没讲明,之后试图紧急迫降。飞机从雷达上消失,在第二次尝试降落后,坠入一片农田。至于什么原因可能导致坠机,还没有任何说法。生还者共有34人,其中两位是机组人员。有些乘客只是受了轻伤,可以从飞机上走下来;另外一些乘客则需住院接受治疗。大雪和迷雾加大了救援工作的难度。
Italian elder's shooting spree 意老人枪杀3人后自杀
A 74-year-old Italian senior citizen shot and killed his wife and two neighbors in the northern city of Genoa on Sunday, the Daily Telegraph reported. Carlo Trabona first went to a coffee bar where he shot one of his neighbors. As another tried to flee, Trabona followed him, shot him and returned home where he killed his wife. When police surrounded his apartment, Trabona shot himself. Police said the two neighbors were brothers. Infidelity may have triggered the shooting spree, as Trabona suspected his 72-year-old wife of having an affair with one of the men. 英国《每日电讯报》消息 ,意大利北部城市热那亚周日发生惨案。一名74岁的退休工人枪杀两个邻居和自己的妻子后饮弹自尽。卡尔洛•特拉博纳先是在一个咖啡店枪杀了一名邻居,另外一名邻居试图逃跑,但被特拉博纳穷追不舍,最终成为枪下亡魂。特拉博纳随后返回家中枪杀了自己的妻子。在警方包围他的住宅后,特拉博纳开枪自杀。警方透露,被枪杀的两名邻居是兄弟,并称特拉博纳怀疑72岁的妻子和其中一名邻居有染才大开杀戒。

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