Gu'an New Industry City touted as PPP model by UNECE

Gu'an New Industry City has been listed among 60 UN sustainable development Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) cases at an international forum on people-first PPP hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva, Switzerland from May 7 to 9.May 15, 2018

China's sprint toward urbanization: Seeking more balanced development

Spurred by its policy of reform and opening up, China has experienced the largest and most rapid urbanization in human history; in 30 years China's urbanization rate rose from less than 20 percent to over 58 percent.April 11, 2018

New industry city via PPP model drives urbanization of small towns

For most real estate developers, they build and then leave. But for a rare few, they are there to stay, operate and sustain the city’s urbanization.April 9, 2018
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