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More Investment in Flood, Erosion Control in East China Province

Old Folk Opera Still Youthful

Sino-Japanese Friendship Marked by Concert

China Finishes Shooting of AIDS TV Play

Human Civilization Traced to Drunken Ape

Personalized Stamps to Be Issued

56 Couples Find Wedded Bliss

Chinese Parents Seek Standards for Foreigners Teaching in China

China to Renovate First 'Workers' Village' in Shenyang

Taste of America in Northeast China City

China Plans to Build World's Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge

Tigers on the Move

Pets Facing 'House Arrest'

Biggest Compensation Case Begins in Shanghai

China to Boost Service Industry

China to Intensify Climate Study

Victims of Nanjing Massacre Honoured

Chinese People Face New Challenge: The Income Tax

Shanghai Puts Green Maintenance in Bid

Women's Rights in HK Protected by Laws

Nation Lowers Car Tax to Boost Purchases

Rights of Returnees Highlighted

Tourists Get Online and Offline Help

China Forms Permanent Donation Collection Network

New Residents Setting in

Chinese New Year Reinforces Return to Fashion of 'APEC Jackets'

A special Day Just for Cupid to Play

Exotic Fair Adds to Festival Attraction

Top 10 Green Projects Implemented in Suzhou

Brothers Reunited

Center's Wrong Diagnosis to Pay

Charity Performance Held for Needy Families

More Centenarians Found in South China City

More Chinese Cities Turn Garbage Into Power

Sandstorms Tramples on Northern China

New Thinking on Origin of the Silk Road

Elderly Living in Old Urban Areas Need Special Attention

Xinjiang Aims to Eliminate Poverty in Three Years

Beijing Police Crack Down on Illegal Internet Bars

Heavy Snow Affects Flights in E. China City

Internet Abuse Raises Concern

Suspects of 2.7 Million Yuan(US$326,612) Highway Robbery Arrested

China Issues Stamps for Year of Horse

Blast Victims to Get Compensation

Genius Ballerina Tan Yuanyuan Returns Home

Shanghai Seizes More Illicit Drugs

Firework Explosion Kills Nine

Ethnic Yao Girls Welcoming New Year

28 Die in Train, Bus Collision

Bomb Goes off at Carrefour's Parking Lot in Qingdao

Couch Grass Stock for Winter in Tibet

Dalian Captures Illegal Emigrants

Government Staff Favor English learning

Medical Service Receives Check-up

Leukemia Sufferer Recovers after Transplanting Marrow Donated by Brother

A Sculpture Garden Grows in Guangzhou

China to Play 2002 FIFA World Cup in ROK

County Compensated for Chemical Spill

New First Aid Guideline

Shanghai Opens 1st Private Drug Rehab

World Eldest Kidney Donator Healthy After Operation

Three Chinese Villagers Kill 14 Over Possible Business Dispute

Plan To Strengthen Helping Hands

150 Heroic Citizens Rewarded

Fujian Police Nab 160 "Snake Heads" in Five Months

Consumers Stuck on Magnetic Cards

Block Director Says No to Condom Dispenser

Lending Project Enriches Poor Farmers

Chinese Farmer Helps Revive Local Opera

Long Road for Chinese Credit Card

China Urges Safer Mining Practices

Hakka's Earthen Buildings to Apply for World Heritage Status

11-Year-Old Boy Braves Death as a Hostage to Rescue Younger One

Taiji Men’s Gold Winner Wishes to Compete in the Olympics

County of Centenarians

China Has World's Largest Flowerage

30 Million Homes Have Internet Access

China Bids Farewell to Era of Housing Shortages

Should Teachers Be Treated to Thank-You Dinners?

Survey Shows Beijing Not Yet Regarded as Int'l Metropolis

China’s Peril: Smoking

Sex-related Courses on Hunan’s Educational Agenda

Two River Origins Under Different Conditions

Hong Kong Again Named "Asia's Best City"

Sex Education Aimed at Helping Adolescents

DNA Match Solves Ancient Mystery

Quanjude Starts Anti-waste Campaign

"Wait 'Til Next Year," Older Student Says

Doctor Sets Guinness Record in Adiposity Treatment

A Special Way to Celebrate Beijing's Successful Bid

Basketball Coach, 88, Sees Olympic Dream Come True

Cancer-Fighting Herbal Medicine Ok’d in US

Facial Imaging Recognition System Developed

Chinese Phone Users Get a Break

"ID Card" Used in Tianjin

Ma Fuli and His Hairy Monkey and Opera Mask

Rain Comforts North China

Nagqu: A Booming Town on Tibetan Plateau

Highest Rail Station

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