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Forests Saving Nature Reserve from Flood-induced Sabotage

Foreign Ecologist Praises China's Environmental Protection

Hundreds Volunteer to Work to Save Tibetan Antelopes

China Warned of Water Crisis by 2030

National Environment Report: Situation 'Still Grave'

China's 'West Electricity for East' Begins in Sichuan

China Issues Annual Report on Environment

Zhuhai to Build a 'Romantic City', China's Riviera

North China Sandstorm Monitoring System Completed

Environment Watchdog Drafting Household Appliances Recycling Rules

Top Legislator Urges Rational Use of Mineral Resources

Major Reforestation Project Announced

Wild Horses to Return to the Wild in Northwest China

UNEP, Shanghai-Based University to Run Environmental College

Severe Drought Hits South China

First Oasis to Be Built for Settlers in Inner Mongolia

'Caring for Wild Animals Hotline' Opens in Beijing

Hong Kong Launches Activities to Promote Public Health

Say NO to Exotic Rubbish

New Ways Adopted to Treat Garbage

Greener Way Turns Rubbish Into Power

Eco-tech to Limit Environmental Damage

Global Warming Accelerates China's Sea Level Rise

Shenzhen Spruced up for Environment Day

China to Intensify Climate Study

Climate Changes Key to Sustainable Development

Appreciation Week Accents Beijing's Love of Birds

Heavily Polluted Ocean Areas Expand in China

Sandstorm Blows 30,000 Tons of Dust into Beijing

Northeastern Province Focuses on Environment Improvement

Environment Friendly School in Village

Environmental Protection in SW China City Praised by Japanese

Floating Sand Dust Hits Northwest China Region

CPPCC Works for Better Environment in China

Project on Rebirth of Tarim River to Start Soon

China Invests Billions to Clean Water

Clean up Efforts Need Technology, Senior Official Says

El Nino May Occur This Spring

Nature Continues to Kick up a Storm

Zhuhai to Become City of Forests

Sandstorms Tramples on Northern China

More Chinese Cities Turn Garbage Into Power

China's Afforestation Reported
First in World

Yellow River Wetlands to Be Further Protected

Major Pollution Control Project Launched in Chongqing

Pollution Control Put in Focus

New Rules to Clear Shanghai Sky

China to Build Database of Cay Ecology

Scientists Study Greenhouse Gas Issue

Law Designed to Help Control Desertification

China Outlines Long-Term Plan for Protection of Wildlife, Plants

North East China City Says No to "White Pollution"

Environmentalist Warns: Clean up Waste at Three Gorges

Beijing to Phase Out Coal for Cleaner Fuels

New Measures Taken to Protect Wetland

Toxic Weed Devastates Chinese Grasslands

Forest Protection Festival to be Hosted

Hydrological Information on Yellow River to Be Open to Public

China's Largest Salt Lake Seriously Basified

100,000 People Make Room for Wild Animals

Ban on Logging Saves Forests

Campaign Seeks Best Garbage Bin Design

China to Build Model Technology Zone for Environmental Protection

Experts Brought In to Stop Landslides

Thousands of Mongolian Wild Donkeys Migrate to China

10 New Sewage Treatment Plants Operational in Central China

Move to Bring Blue Skies to Beijing

China Plans to Clean Taihu Lake in Five Years

Guangxi Develops Clean Energy

A Giant Panda with Most Babies

Forest Coverage Rate Doubles in Half Century

Another Giant Panda Population Found in Sichuan

Park for Dinosaur Egg Fossils Being Built in Central China

Mother Panda Takes Care of Twins After Birth

China Seeking Harmony Between Humans, Automobiles, Society

Beijing to Follow New Standards on Auto Emission

Three Gorges to Be Hazard-resistant

Beijing to Bid Farewell to Sandstorms in Ten Years

Pollution Check

More Investment for Forestry Project

5,000 Small Enterprises Face Shutdown

Few Chinese Know of Waste Practices

Beijing Toilets to Save Water

Environment Improves in Scenic Lake in Kunming

Lake Turns Reclaimed Land Back to Woods

Wild Animals Disappear in Hunan Province

Environment Protection Sector to See Surge

Beijing Goes Green

New Preserve for South China Tigers

“Go-West” Drive Must Take Ecology Into Account, Scientist Warns

Falcons Fly Free Following Rescue

16 National Nature Reserves Established

Where Does Beijing’s Dust Come From?

Wetlands Protected for Red-crowned Cranes

Yangtze Is Threatened by Mining

US Newspaper: China Sharply Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Sheep Barred From Northwest China Nature Reserve

Zhu: Ecological Shield Needed to Save Yangtze

Environment-friendly Tableware Industry Awaits Boom

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