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Learning Chinese

Auto Show Revs up Customers' Desire

Body Painting Latest Fad Among East China Girls

Schiffer Draws Wedding Veil of Secrecy

Pets in China Become Big Business

'Spider-man' Could Snare Record Opening

Shanghai to Stage Cosmo Show

New Drink Comes From Sweden - With Love

City Visited by Fashion World

Discount Shop Opened in Shanghai

Chinese New Year Reinforces Return to Fashion of 'APEC Jackets'

Traditional Chinese Costumes Pop This Year

The Most Beautiful Chinese Lady Chosen

Beijingers Enjoy Highest Quality of Life in China

Private Cars to be Parked at Home, Avoiding Holiday Traffic Jams

When Beauties Encounter the Raccoons

Chinese Women Care More About Underwear Selection

Aspiring Designers

Internet Envelops Sale of Cards

China's Retailers Welcome Santa

Tailoring Young Dreams

Coarse Food, New Fashion in China

Top Model Contracts With Jewelry Manufacturer

Chinese Qi Pao Show in London

Weekend Auto Show

International Clothing Festival Opens in East China

"Nutritious" Clothing Produced

New Silk Road Model Competition Concluded

Beijing Music Gala to Debut in Mid-October

Flower Culture Blossoms

Dalian Fashion Show Opens

More Chinese to Travel Overseas

Jackie Chan to Remake Jerry Lewis' the Bellboy

Breakfast of Presidents

Tattoos Become More Popular in China

Raising Pets a Serious Business

Chinese Eye On-Line Shopping

Beijing Comes Alive With Sound of Music

Sex Health Fair Reflects Changing Chinese Minds

Music Websites Mushroom in China

"Green Office," a Way of Life

White-collar Men Prefer Not to Get Married

Spending Habits Change

Modern Technologies Transform Tibetan Lifestyle

Every 10,000 Urban Residents Have 114 Cars

Ex-Farmers Adjust to Urban Life

Number of Internet Users Rising

International Schools Booming in Shanghai

Renting Cars Popular in Tibet

Fashion Ready to Go From Catwalks to Cash Registers

Shanghai Youths Have 58 Items of Clothes Per Person

Family Size in Shanghai Becomes Smaller

Chinese Seniors Favor Net Surfing

People Crazy for Cars

Youngsters Get on Their Toes

Sweeping Away Old Interment Practices

Pet Industry Has Potential to Claw Its Way Higher

Asia’s Largest Int’l Clothing & Accessories Fair Held

Holiday Retail Numbers up

Evening Wear and Wedding Dress Design Contest

Private Lawyers Popular in Large Cities

17% High-Income Families in Guangzhou Have Private Cars

Happy Valentine’s Day

More Chinese Find Job Through Internet

A Surprising Valentine’s Day Present

More Shanghaiese Using Handsets to Serf the Internet

Outlook Changes in the Younger Generation

Fresh Flowers Keep Popular in Spring Festival

Local Families Prefer Better Educated Maids

Young Tibetans Send New Year Greetings via Internet

First Nude Photo Show Calmly Welcomed in Guangzhou

Girl Dead for Blindly Reducing Weight

Give Me Red, Red Envelopes

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2001

Gala of Chinese Pop Music

More Lottery for Charity to Be Issued

Dreams of Wedding in Beijing

Hot Pot Boils up Sense of Warmth

Odd Jobs Getting Popular

Five Net Consumption Trends

Fashion Show Held in Beijing

Beijingers Queuing up for High-Return Lottery Game

The China Doll

One Third of Urban Families Intend to Buy Cars

Dancers Demonstrate Strength and Beauty

The Ideal Wife Is...

Lu Yan Wins Second Place in Model Contest

Traditional Medicine Draws West

Farmers in Nanning to Work in Japan

Beijing Girl Gets Free Trip to Canada

Even the Dead End up on the Net

Telephone Service Available in Villages of Guangdong

House, Car, Information--Hot for Shanghai Consumers

More Citizens Hiring Private Attorneys

Better Life Ahead of Beijingers

E-Love Among Teenagers Calls for Attention

Over 10 % Urban Residents Using Internet

Eight Industries May Have Glorious Future

Anticancer Club

Shanghai Holds Int'l Fashion Show

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