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1-in-6-billion miracle: Girl changes blood types
Study: Couples who fight live longer!
Lower blood levels of vitamin E, larger physical decline in old
Let's talk about parent care
Caffeine may be linked with miscarriage
1/10 of young Chinese netizens suffers Internet addiction
Report: efficacy of antidepressants exaggerated
Splish-splash your way to a slimmer waistline
British scientists discover bad cholesterol genes
Drink, exercise and live longer, study finds
Genetic flaw raises 100-fold chance of autism
Arts therapy helps memory-loss patients
A little sunshine in your life could make it longer
Brain says to spine 'heal thyself': study
Fish: the good mood food
Family size keeps on shrinking
Morning gargle may be used for cancer tests
Fishing for truth about capsules
Legislature adopts first anti-drug law
You need moxie to try moxibustion
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Ministry Press Releases
- Medical reform to launch in selected regions this year
- Chinese healthier as life expectancy rises to 73
- Gov't will spend more to reform healthcare
- Bird-flu vaccine 'safe and effective'
- China reports 223,501 HIV carriers, AIDS patients
- Hypertension Rx: TCM and Western meds
- Blood: The mother of qi - Why donating is a big deal in China
- TCM Rx for good cheer
- TCM boost to women's fertility
- China kicks off TCM health care project
Diet & Nutrition
- Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of kidney cancer
- Green tea may help protect against Parkinson's
- Soy good for elderly women
- New evidences show fruits, veggies reduce cancer
- Third of British workers skip breakfast
Living healthier doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

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