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Celebrating the meat-free diet
7.75 kg baby born in Russia
What to drink after hard workout? Chocolate milk
China denies spreading pig disease to neighbors
Scientists create device to detect H5N1
UK's bluetongue case same as N Europe's
Elder people suffer cataract
Take a black mud bath and be healthy
Mentally ill missing out
Study Sees Rise in Men Not Washing Hands
China Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak in Guangzhou
ID Number for Beijing's Water Coolers
Less Patch-Wearing Time OK For Kids' Lazy Eye Correction
1M Babies with Deformities Born a Year
Shanghai People Getting Bigger
Take Care of Your Health for Fall
An Unhealthy Obsession with Color of Skin
Hair Care Tips to Share
Double Dose of Hope
Promote AIDS Prevention Education in Youth
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Ministry Press Releases
- Oral Health Body 'Linked to Scandals'
- Rural Residents Sign Up for Healthcare Network En Masse
- MOH Outline Plan for National Health
- MOH to Overhaul Leprosy Rehabilitation Centers
- More than 10% of Imported Cosmetics Fail Quality Test
- 4 bln people treat diseases with herbal medicine
- Four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine
- Foreign Students Infatuated by Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Ancient Remedies to Combat Fatigue
- Experts Oppose TCM Abolished Argument
Diet & Nutrition
- Celebrating the meat-free diet
- Moderate drinking can improve memory
- What to drink after hard workout? Chocolate milk
- Plan Healthy Family Meals
- Lutein, Zeaxanthin May Reduce Blindness Among Elders
Children don't need to wear shoes until they begin to walk -- at about 12 months to 15 months of age.

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