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Study: 1st 2 years critical to child's brain, IQ
Moderation is the key, even for exercise
Dairy scary? On the contrary
A gift from the heart
Winter swimming
Sex education helps teens delay sexual intercourse
Caffeine may help you get perfect thighs
2-year-old Indian girl with 8 limbs released from hospital
Fighting things that go bump in the night
Indonesian man infected by H5N1 virus
Medical myth busting
New H5N1 bird flu outbreak found in Poland
US bird-flu expert calls for changes in early-warning system
Child obesity increases adulthood heart disease
Steam better than steroids for sinus infections
Study: something in womb causes anorexia
Study: Honey as better option for childhood cough than OTCs
Health promotion campaigns on World AIDS Day
Children arrive for vital surgery
Study: Alzheimer's drugs no aid for memory problems
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Ministry Press Releases
- Health Ministry blacklists 10 substandard cosmetics
- Ministry: Uphold law, protect work health rights
- Legislation published to ban smoking in public
- Health authorities on 24-hour alert for holiday
- Most Problematic Leukemia Drugs Recalled
- HK launches campaign to promote TCM
- Growing popularity of herbal paste
- TCM conference
- Famous TCM stores in Hangzhou
- China legalizes apprenticeships for TCM
Diet & Nutrition
- The cancer you can keep at bay with wholemeal bread
- No salt diet lowers blood pressure
- No salt diet lowers blood pressure
- Pick the right tea for you
- A pint of beer is better than water after a workout
Toddlers rescued from orphanages and placed in good foster homes had far better reasoning, language and other intellectual skills than those who remained.

If you have a tip to share about keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating common ailments like aches and pains, or better yet, the secret to longevity, drop us an E-mail.
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