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Stubbing Out Will Be Difficult
Study: Diet Foods May Lead to Child Obesity
Doraemon Visits Sick Kids in Beijing
China's Fattest Man to Lose Weight in Yantai
UK Detects 2nd Cattle Herd with Foot and Mouth Virus
WHO Urges Indonesia to Share Live H5N1 Virus Samples
Boy Received Surgery on Deformed Skull
Laser Printers Could Be Hazardous to Health
Youths Become Addicted Within 2 Days of First Smoking
Earthquake Anniversary is Thanksgiving Day
Move to Ease Burden of Medical Bills
Man United Players Raise AIDS Awareness in Guangzhou
More Action Urged on Toy Quality
Cutting-edge Surgeon Offers New Hope
Doctors Separate Conjoined Twin Girls in N China
5,000 Cups of Free Cold Tea Offered Daily
Producer Denies Formaldehyde in Candy
President Hu Confers Nightingale Medal on 5 Nurses
Dirty Pools a Health Hazard
Citizens in Xiamen Pick up 'Fitness Walking'
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Ministry Press Releases
- Treat Emergency Patients Before Charging Fees
- MOH to Cooperate with French Company for TB Prevention
- China Steps Up Efforts to Fight Tuberculosis
- China Tightens Control on Prescription Drugs
- Measles on Rise in China
- China to Further Modernize TCM
- TCM Find New Avenue to Int'l Market
- Healing Through Exercise Is Not Such a Stretch
- A Different Point of View
- Schroeder Advisor for TCM Promotion
Diet & Nutrition
- Oolong Tea Helps You Lose Weight
- Ginger, Curry May Offer Cure to Kennedy's Disease
- Healthy Diet the Only Antidote for Gluten Woes
- A Cure for Tumor: 4 Spoonfuls of Sand per Day
- Higher Soy Intake, Balanced Diet Reduce Mortality
A tug of wine helps live a long life.

If you have a tip to share about keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating common ailments like aches and pains, or better yet, the secret to longevity, drop us an E-mail.
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