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Editor's Pick
Racism has no place in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic
As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads around the world, irrational discrimination against Chinese people is growing, although it has no place in the fight to stop the disease.
COVID-19 to stimulate epidemic disease economics
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread around the world, the international community are working closely to fight the epidemic. Meanwhile, it appears that economics related to the epidemic is coming into prominence.
Are coronavirus fears being over-hyped by the media?
Are the relentless dominance of the novel coronavirus epidemic in the media and the alarmist rhetoric of the stories fueling panic and anxiety about the disease and, consequently, feeding racist sentiment towards Asian people?
Cooperation to combat COVID-19 threat
Solidarity and collaboration are of vital importance for countries across the world to curb the common threat of the novel coronavirus.
Collaboration vital for containing COVID-19 outbreak
The expressions of prejudice against China over the new coronavirus outbreak is not going to help overcome the problem. That can only come from close international collaboration.
Freedom of press should not be leveraged
The U.S. State Department on March 2 again slapped additional restrictions on Chinese media working in the United States.
Strengthening basic academic disciplines in China
A newly released plan from the Ministry of Education looks to overhaul college enrollment in China's universities. However, differing views on the limited scope of the reforms has left some questioning their likely effectiveness.
Did China overreact to being called the 'Sick Man of Asia'?
Some critics have called into question China's strong protest against a recent article labelling it the "Sick Man of Asia".
Will the new Afghan-US deal stick?
There is still a long way to go to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan, but at least a start has been made, and the signing of a peace treaty in Doha this Saturday is a sign of this.
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