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Editor's Pick
Incoming Pakistani government's view of China
Pakistan was a loyal friend of New China in its initial opening-up. Now, the country's new prime minister looks to draw on the goodwill this created to help his modernization drive.
​India should work with Pakistan's new PM for closer ties
The election of cricketing great Imran Khan as Pakistan's prime minister has been well received by fans in India; now, that needs to be turned into a political dialogue to bring a lasting peace.
Sino-African relation: Heading towards a brighter future
An encouraging scenario is clearly emerging, showing a move towards deepening and strengthening Sino-African relations based on peace, cooperation, and mutual trust, that makes everyone a winner.
Xi Jinping presents the science of statecraft
Xi Jinping's "The Governance of China" is a work important for people to understand China's current role in global affairs. 
Evolution of Malaysia-China relations
Ties have existed between the peoples of China and the Malay region for two millennia. Now, China and Malaysia are building an even stronger relationship suited to the times.
​A BRICST in the making
Turkey is seeking to join BRICS, and its addition to the five current members of the bloc would give it more muscle in economic policy-making the years ahead.
The Chinese view: 10 truths about US-China trade
The American people need to hear the truth about U.S.-China trade, instead of Trump’s charges of bad faith.
China's plans and direction for further opening-up
While the manufacturing sector has a lot of room for further opening up, China should take precautions before opening its service sector wider. 
JCPOA in crisis: Implications for the Middle East
American withdrawal from the JCPOA designed to settle the Iranian nuclear issue raises the specter that Iran will follow suit, with dangerous implications for the entire Middle East.
Stark contrast of two presidential visits
President Xi Jinping's recent visit to Africa provided a telling contrast of tactful diplomacy against the bluster and rudeness of Donald Trump in Europe. No doubt who won.
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