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Editor's Pick
Sharing the future
Pressing global issues call for global efforts. What can China offer to the cause of promoting inclusive growth? Here are some highlights of China's new initiatives in the fields of ideas, institutions and infrastructure.
Xi Jinping Thought gains traction with Nepali politicians
Nepalis, and their new government, are upbeat about the prospect of rapid economic growth by implementing the BRI projects and the trade and transit treaty with China.
Why has the US government shut down?
The U.S. government shut down over the weekend — but why did it do so and what does it really mean?
Wave of emancipation hits Saudi Arabia
The winds of social change are sweeping through Saudi Arabia, and it is women who are the main beneficiaries.
Using the yuan for bilateral China-Pakistan trade
The decision by Pakistan to switch to use of the yuan in bilateral trade with China, replacing the U.S. dollar, is of great long-term significance for the Pakistani economy.
​China's humanitarian contribution to Syria adds to its int'l profile
Both recent and past diplomatic and aid contributions to Syria demonstrate China's ongoing effort to assure stability in the region and secure its own developing position as a key international humanitarian player.
​Trump's unfortunate comments: A bit of context
After reports that Trump used an expletive when referring to African countries, the U.S. –and the world at large – has been trying to find the right way to respond.
More efforts are needed to stamp out the ivory trade
As elephants are becoming threatened with extinction, China has set a leading example of wildlife conservation to the world.
​The League of Chinese 'unicorns'
"Unicorn" is regarded as an important symbol of the new economic age, highlighting the application of science and technology in the market. Therefore this list attracts worldwide attention in investment circles.
Belt and Road boosts RMB internationalization
The Belt and Road Initiative was written into the Constitution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the 19th CPC National Congress, signaling China's resolution and confidence in carrying out international cooperation under this initiative.
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