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Editor's Pick
Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus: Do not fear the clouds that may block our view
Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus Huang Xingyuan recently called for people around the world to look beyond narrowness, selfishness, hatred and arrogance, so that we may all share in a bright future.
Poverty-alleviation goal achievable despite outbreak
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will create obstacles for China to achieve its goal of eradicating poverty. But hopefully, China will navigate through these challenges and achieve its goals.
Hong Kong shall not descend into chaos: New circumstances demand the NPC enact national security legislation
Safeguarding national security is the foundation of Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, as well as the livelihood of its people. Only by ensuring the social stability of Hong Kong from a legal perspective can the region and its people have a promising future.
Countries must fulfill their sovereign legislative duty to combat domestic terrorism
Establishing and improving legal systems and enforcement mechanisms to combat local terrorism and maintain national security order is the duty-bound responsibility of every sovereign country, regardless of its size or strength.
New investment plan to stimulate jobs and the economy
In his 2020 work report, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced targets for this year to create 9 million new urban jobs and keep urban unemployment below 6%. Investments in new infrastructure can play a significant role in achieving these goals.
Stop lying through your teeth
The COVID-19 outbreak, like a mirror, reflects the American politicians' heinous true colors of "running the country with lips".
Hong Kong needs law to protect national security
When national security is under serious threat and yet Hong Kong is powerless to establish the required laws, it's necessary and urgent that they be established at the state level.
China and BRI countries should jointly deal with pandemic-led economic slump
China and BRI countries should closely work together to devise plans to prevent the economic fallout by the pandemic from having severe impact on BRI projects.
Acts harming national security intolerable
At a time when the world is combating the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Hong Kong opposition camp has continued to incite local residents to participate in riots. Such behavior has seriously harmed China's sovereignty, and is intolerable.
Burning-house looters will get burned
Turning a blind eye to the chaos and loss of lives at home, Mike Pompeo and his like, adamant on making trouble for the world, have kept disrupting international cooperation and undermining peace undertakings.
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