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Editor's Pick
A new Pakistan emerging after election
The recent election in Pakistan, with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan leading the way, offers a great chance for the country to enjoy a new era of prosperity and stability.
​Black comedy 'Dying to Survive' sings the song of life
"Dying to Survive" has achieved a unique place in world film history by bringing practical help to cancer patients struggling to pay for the drugs they need to treat their life-threatening conditions.
China inching closer to football dream
China only once has qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals on the men's side, and that appearance in 2002 ended in total failure. Now, the prospects for Chinese football look much rosier.
​In Mideast, China's strategy is economic
As China increases its infrastructure and investment in the Middle East, this relationship demonstrates the intersections of Arab countries' "eastward-looking" policies and China's "westward-looking" strategy.
BRICS cooperation: from Xiamen to Johannesburg
Having witnessed a successful BRICS summit in Xiamen last year, the five countries will meet again in South Africa to solidify their cooperation and promote globalization.
Old friends and new realities
Today the world is experiencing new tensions, where developing and emerging countries seem to be drawing closer together as the developed nations pull further away. 
​Firming up the positives of China's soft power
Soft power, especially in the image a country's citizens create when they go abroad, should never be neglected, as China must learn this lesson.
UAE gears up to greet President Xi
As a gateway to new consumer markets and lucrative investment options, the UAE has great potential and it could even be a future member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
​NATO summit and international security
It is interesting to note that many European countries depend on Russian energy and still see Moscow as a threat.
​Supreme Court retirement triggers Republican-Democratic fight
With a position now open on the Supreme Court, Republicans and Democrats are fighting desperately to influence President Trump's choice, with Democrats eager to block another conservative-leaning justice.
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