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Editor's Pick
Discrimination smokescreen
China-Africa friendship has been built on decades of cooperation in our fight for national independence and liberation, economic growth and a better livelihood for the people.
From Ebola to COVID-19: West Africa must learn from the past and protect vulnerable people
African countries – many of which have already experienced epidemics caused by infectious diseases like Ebola – must now combat COVID-19 amid other challenges.
The global media's role in creating a better world for tomorrow
The "Contemporary China and World: International Think Tank Webinar on Combating COVID-19" was held on Monday. Wang Xiaohui, editor-in-chief of China Internet Information Center, as one of the speakers, shed light on the role of the media during global public crises such as COVID-19.
Life lessons from China's response to the coronavirus
Even a little logic should have suggested the virus would spread globally, but they not only didn't prepare but also went to great lengths to explain why their "democracies" could not take China's lead.
Political party leaders say no to "political virus"
A political virus is spreading along with the COVID-19 pandemic, as some U.S. politicians are taking advantage of the bad situation to stigmatize China, which has been boycotted by the international community.
Sub-Saharan African political parties voice support for China
In the all-out war China has waged against the COVID-19 epidemic, many Sub-Saharan African countries and their political parties have been standing firmly with the Chinese people.
G20 teleconference creates new opportunities
The G20 Extraordinary Leaders' Summit on COVID-19 of March 26 represented a real "opportunity" to advance a coordinated global response to the outbreak.
Political considerations behind US coronavirus stimulus package
An emergency bill to spend roughly $2 trillion to support U.S. economic revival amid the COVID-19 pandemic that finally pass Congress says more about the state of American politics than anything else.
A testing task
Africa faces numerous challenges in prevention and control of coronavirus. As a continent, Africa also has a significant population of vulnerable people, including millions of refugees and internally displaced.
Bracing for impact of COVID-19
COVID-19 is exposing our collective vulnerability, the powerlessness felt by many, the cracks in our feeling of safety, the doubts about the future.
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