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Editor's Pick
Let's embrace the future with AI
As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly complements human labor in the workplace and daily life, people need to think about how we can benefit from AI, rather than worry about being replaced by it.
Algeria and Sudan demanding change
Poor economic growth and high social unemployment rate in both Algeria and Sudan have resulted in large protests demanding change.
Space exploration: An intrinsic part of China's development goals
China is making bold strides in space technology and is on track to become one of the world leaders in the advancement of human knowledge and exploration of space.
G7 economies have split views on the BRI
​A joint communique from the G7 affirms China's contributions to global trade, but the U.S. and Italy epitomize opposing viewpoints on the BRI.
Artificial intelligence and the future of humans
AI could herald the demise of mankind unless we learn to find synergies between human abilities and technical innovation and restore the balance of power between them.
China-Europe ties to be further promoted
Although there are technical problems for them to solve together, China-Europe relations will continue to thrive.
Fewer tombs to sweep yet greater space for future generations
Eco-burials are ideal to address land resource challenges in China, despite the tradition of burying the dead in coffins alongside their ancestors.
Extended May Day holiday boost for domestic consumption
China has passed a raft of measures to boost its domestic economy including extended holidays, tax cuts, and the new foreign investment law.
Wigs and beyond: China's bittersweet manufacturing story
In the past, China has sacrificed its own environment to benefit the world with its huge manufacturing industry; but the once "grim" situation is rapidly turning around.
Understanding 'Reiwa' through the perspective of the 'Asian civilization dialogue'
The term "Reiwa" draws from a shared East Asian cultural history, demonstrating the long shared history between China and Japan and should spur both nations to build a "community with a shared future."
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