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Editor's Pick
Mid-Autumn Day: A time for family and mooncakes
Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday steeped in tradition and history, but has always been a time for family and more recently, delicious mooncakes.
Jointly mapping Afghanistan's future offers new hope
China and Pakistan are joining the efforts to map out a viable program for the settlement of a decades-long conflict in Afghanistan.
First Kenya fuel shipment to China solidifies ongoing partnership
Kenya has shipped its first cargo of crude oil to China, opening up great prospects for a closer partnership and enhancement of its own economic development.
Fall of Zao raises questions about personal security
A Chinese app offering an easy way to create deepfake videos was an instant hit with the market, but is now at the center of growing concern over personal privacy issues.
The controversy behind college admissions
Governments and universities need to continue to help students from minority backgrounds and underprivileged communities enter college while paying attention to the effect of "reverse discrimination."
China making big strides in artificial intelligence
China is making a huge effort to become a world-leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).
How China succeeds in its 70 years of development
A spirit of innovation, endless reform and opening up has contributed to China's spectacular rise and will continue to contribute to its future success.
PM Johnson stirs the pot with suspension of UK Parliament
As the U.K. nears its appointed Oct. 31 Brexit Day, PM Boris Johnson's move to suspend Parliament has provoked ire and opposition across the nation.
China's booming private aerospace industry
Fifty years after the first human moonwalk, the world's largest powers are finally getting closer to realizing and economizing the amazing potential of the privatized space sector.
Resolute efforts needed to limit the damage from global warming
Following Iceland's first glacier "funeral," the entire world must redouble efforts to contain the harmful ramifications of rising sea levels and warming waters.
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