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Editor's Pick
CIIE: An important step towards mutually beneficial Sino-Indian ties
There will be a strong Indian presence at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), illustrating recognition of the importance of trade and investment in improving Sino-Indian ties.
The opportunities and challenges of China-CEEC cooperation
Doctoral researcher at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Anastas Vangeli, shared his views on China-CEEC cooperation with China.org.cn ahead of the 5th High-Level Think Tanks Symposium of China and Central & Eastern European Countries.
Pakistan PM's first visit to China
The CIIE will create new areas of growth for Sino-Pakistani trade and investment cooperation which is illustrated by Prime Minister Imran Khan's delegation of 40 top exporters.
China has real growth, not debt-based illusions
Americans facing economic decline try to comfort themselves with the idea that China is no different. That's an illusion that needs to be dispelled.
Misreading Lu Xun
Mike Pence turned his hand to modern Chinese literature to make a point when he attacked China in a recent speech, but he totally misread the Chinese writer he quoted.
Mike Pence needs a history lesson on the Korean War
It is simply ridiculous for Pence to claim that the Korean War was caused by what he called China's pursuit of "authoritarian expansionism" and that the U.S. was fighting on the so-called "frontier of freedom."
What the US has really done to China over the past 25 years
It goes without saying that American investors have been friendly to China because it has been profitable. But what about the American government?
Historical truth behind US Open Door policy toward China

Mr. Pence's words gave the impression that the U.S. had chosen not to join the ranks of the colonial powers in their aggressions against China, but instead had acted to protect China's sovereignty. The facts of history suggest otherwise.

Mike Pence's speech arouses laughter on social media

When it comes to Taiwan, America should reflect on its own history
Any sovereign country that chooses to establish diplomatic ties with China in accordance with UN Resolution 2758 should be free to do so without threats or intimidation from the United States.
Mike Pence's speech arouses laughter on China's social media
During the National Day holiday in China last week, United States Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech in which he boasted about the strength of the United States, and criticized China's development ambitions.
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