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Editor's Pick
Japan and China throughout the 75 years of the United Nations
Now we hope that on the basis of the achievements of the past 75 years, the United Nations will achieve strong development with the support and participation of more countries.
Milestone RCEP to energize Asia-Pacific cooperation, facilitate global economy
The milestone RCEP will not only create new momentum for regional cooperation but facilitate global post-pandemic economic recovery.
Yangtze River Economic Belt to lead high-quality development
The high-quality development and integration of the Yangtze River Economic Belt will help create an integrated, open and stable market in China, offering more certainty and opportunities to the world.
Scholars' take on the regional organization
Chinese and Russian scholars weighed in on the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which represents nearly half of the world's population and over 20 percent of global GDP.
More cooperation in cyberspace
The international community should work together through intensified cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect, mutual understanding and accommodation, so as to put in place a rule-based global governance system in cyberspace.
China's afforestation effort helps achieve carbon neutral
China's extensive afforestation activities will make a significant impact on contribution to China carbon neutral by 2060.
Investing in China in next five years
The Five-Year Plan sits beside a core dual circulation concept and understanding this relationship is important when it comes to evaluating investment opportunities.
To resist US aggression and aid Korea, China had no choice but to fight a war
Though dubbed a "Forgotten War" in the West, the Korean War should be remembered in China for a long time to come. As an important player in the Korean War, China needs more in-depth and diversified academic research on the war, as the book "The War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea" has to some extent.
Stop playing with fire
If separatists' misjudgment leads to reckless moves, whatever the United States chooses to do, it will inevitably damage its own interests.
Targeted poverty alleviation a very good example of China's people-centered philosophy of development
​In the third volume of "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China", Chinese President Xi Jinping said: "Our goal is lofty as well as simple, and ultimately, we want all the Chinese to live a better life."China's pledge to enable all rural residents living below the poverty line escape the abyss in 2020 and to eliminate absolute poverty nationwide is a key symbol that this promise was delivered.
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