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Editor's Pick
​Firming up the positives of China's soft power
Soft power, especially in the image a country's citizens create when they go abroad, should never be neglected, as China must learn this lesson.
UAE gears up to greet President Xi
As a gateway to new consumer markets and lucrative investment options, the UAE has great potential and it could even be a future member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
​NATO summit and international security
It is interesting to note that many European countries depend on Russian energy and still see Moscow as a threat.
​Supreme Court retirement triggers Republican-Democratic fight
With a position now open on the Supreme Court, Republicans and Democrats are fighting desperately to influence President Trump's choice, with Democrats eager to block another conservative-leaning justice.
The true cost of a trade war
Reminiscent of the Great Depression during the 1930s, this recent trade war doesn't bode well for the U.S., while other nations around the world must work together to protect and uphold multilateralism in today's globalized world. 
Nepal, China forge comprehensive partnership
Nepalese Prime Minister Oli's recent visit to China saw the two nations reaffirm their commitment to cooperation and mutual support, reflecting Nepal's growing confidence on the global political and economic stage.
Kudos to China's leading role in WTO
Although IPR protection in China is far from flawless, the Chinese government has attached importance to the protection of IPR.
Trump lights the wick of trade war with China
Trying to tilt the balance of power sharply in its favor will not make America "great again."
Who can and will put the brakes on US trade war policy?
Even as Americans launched Chinese-made fireworks in celebration of the Fourth of July, the future of the tradition fell under threat by executive trade war policies.
It's time for Africa
Alignment with China's development vision heralds a new era of opportunity on the continent
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