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Editor's Pick
Afghanistan, China and Pakistan come together to break a stalemate
A dialogue between the foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China is an important step forward in bringing peace and prosperity to the first-named country plagued by decades of violence.
COP24 meeting must produce big results to tackle climate change
Nations meeting at the COP24 summit under the Paris Agreement on climate change must set aside any differences and produce meaningful solutions to stave off disaster.
The UDHR: A common achievement for humankind
On December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by members of the United Nations. Seventy years on and it is time to reaffirm the principles of this common achievement for all humankind.
China's innovation driven development
China is utilizing innovations to spur the economy, while on the other hand pushing to make the economy conducive for innovation. The results are speaking for themselves.
Alipay entry will tap great potential of Pakistan e-commerce market
Pakistan is gearing up for a fintech revolution. The South Asian nation's market is getting a boost from a leading Chinese payment platform after years of untapped potential.
40 years of reform in China: Truly remarkable change since 1978
An Australian Sinologist recounts the tremendous changes that took place in China in the past four decades.
Shanghai FTZ: A symbol of China's opening-up
Five years since its initial conception, the Shanghai FTZ, and it's growing list of replicas across the nation, send a clear message to the world: China is open for trade and investment.
Nepal, BRI and the debt-trap diplomacy argument
Suggestions that Nepal faces becoming involved in a "debt trap" by getting involved in BRI projects funded by Chinese loans simply do not hold water.
Pilot FTZs 5 years on: The nuts and bolts of China's opening up
Forty years after China's "Opening up" under Deng Xiaoping, Beijing continues to "cross the river by feeling the stones." With no riverbank in sight, the journey continues.
China's economic miracle presents fresh ideas to global economic governance
As globalization faces a litany of challenges, what can the world learn from China's unprecedented economic successes of the past four decades?
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