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Editor's Pick
Delinking China-US economies will be incorrigible blunder
The American hawkish view to achieve an economic dichotomy between China and the United States amid escalation of the bilateral trade frictions will definitely not trouble China only.
Pakistan gears up for Chinese tourists
Increased travel to neighboring countries by Chinese citizens promises to be a game changer for the Pakistan tourist industry.
The major forces shaping the 2019 global economy
There are many uncertainties facing the global economy in 2019 that will tend to slow down growth. However, amid the challenges, there are new opportunities to possibly mitigate this trend.
Yellow vest movement may prove expensive for French President
French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed a "national debate" to take the sting out of the violent street protests against his administration. However, it seems something far more drastic is needed.
Sharing economy is transforming Chinese society
The advent of "sharing" enterprises is having a transformative effect on Chinese society, from economic to environmental, and this positive trend is certain to continue into the future.
China marches towards eliminating poverty by 2020
China is moving closer to its target of eliminating all poverty in the country by 2020, providing an important model for other developing countries eager for a similar result.
​The future has come: AI in education and poverty alleviation
​With the advent of artificial intelligence, China is poised to put new technologies to use in the fight against poverty, thus decentralizing the best resources and bringing a high-quality education to all children.
Where does China's fiscal posture point?
According to the Central Economic Work Conference, 2018 was instrumental in China's forward progress on the path of economic progress and open trade as it nears 2020's prosperity milestone.
China moving towards high-quality and sustainable economic development
The Central Economic Work Conference is a critical meeting in dealing with risk through substantial policy adjustments, prudent monetary and fiscal policies, balanced trade policies and continuous reforms.
Aamir Khan's 'Thugs of Hindostan' eyeing success in China
The Chinese release of Bollywood star Aamir Khan's latest blockbuster "Thugs of Hindostan" is expected to draw out devoted fans across China, where Indian cinema has in recent years forged significant cultural exchange and greater understanding of Indian people.
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