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Editor's Pick
Non-market economy in the USMCA Agreement
U.S. appears to be targeting China with addition of the new market economy clause in NAFTA 2.0 deal.
From Expo 2010 to CIIE: Shanghai's confidence and China's promise
Two years after Beijing successfully hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, Shanghai, the other Chinese international metropolis, held the Expo 2010 with great success. It fulfilled the century-cherished dream of the Chinese people to enjoy the "World Expo" at their doorsteps.
5G technology: China moves ahead by leaps and bounds
China's rapid development towards 5G technology will likely create 8 million jobs by 2030 and radically transform the communications landscape.
The potential of China's import market for Pakistan
With China's first import expo right around the corner, countries like Pakistan are eager to make more deals with their already large trading partner.
Strategic alliances and their impact on the expansion of Chinese enterprises
Strategic alliances between Chinese and foreign companies have given Chinese companies the essential impetus.
Higher education development in China: Lessons from HK
With higher education growing in importance, it's time for educators and policymakers to re-think the purpose of a university and the balance between research and teaching.
Polarization of interests grows over Syria's Idleb
Recent events in Syria bring Damascus, Moscow and Tehran closer in the face of the U.S.-led NATO buildup, potentially increasing military tensions in the region to a new high.
China-ASEAN share the same vision
China and the 10 ASEAN countries are forging a strategic partnership that is a model for the world in international relations.
The expanding high-speed rail economy of China
The high-speed rail economy is a catalyst for continued economic growth and has a wide variety of primary and secondary benefits.
Gwadar Port can be advantageous to Saudi Vision 2030
The development of Pakistan's port city of Gwadar will be a boon to the region and collaborations with neighboring states reflect the ethos of the Belt and Road Initiative.
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