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Editor's Pick
Lessons learned as the Iran protests come to an end
The new year's protests in Iran have fizzled out, but the unforeseen rallies, sparked by rising costs, should serve as an important warning that must be heeded by the Iranian government.
​Fire and Fury? Don't believe the hype
The media has gone crazy over Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury," but does the book really deserve the attention?
Development of India-China relations in 2017
Relations between China and India were tense in the first half of 2017, but got better thereafter thanks to the efforts of leaders on both sides.
While Trump dismisses climate change, China takes charge
As the U.S abdicates its leading role battling global warming, China seeks to transform its image from serial polluter to responsible environmentalist.
China rules global drone industry
Aerial drones are taking over many functions in farming, industry and environmental protection, and China leads the way.
India gets strong messages from the China border
K.P. Sharma Oli has wasted no time in making it clear he wants strong ties with China to offset any Indian high-handedness.
Left Alliance set to form majority government in Nepal
Nepalese people have spoken, giving the Left Alliance a huge majority in federal and local elections to bring peace and prosperity to the nation.
China rising as global leader in high-tech development
In so many areas, China is now taking the lead in global high-tech development with a sense of vision and innovativeness.
​NSS outlines a vision for 'renewal' of American leadership
After the earlier hopes raised of détente between a Trump-led America and China and Russia, a new security document backtracks into the rhetoric of challenge and refusal to accept any rival.
Xi's New Year speech highlights people's well-being
The well-being of the Chinese people took central place in the New Year speech delivered by President Xi Jinping on Sunday, highlighting his "people first" governance principle.
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