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​New UK government – Brexit or bust?
​Boris Johnson has been elevated to be Britain's new Prime Minister, but it remains debatable if he can stay long enough to celebrate.
Onwards from the Osaka G20
Seize the momentum for multilateral cooperation to meet economic challenges.
The crisis facing our 'Planet's Lungs'
The Amazon rainforest is facing rapidly increasing rate of deforestation, which is endangering not only Brazil but the entire planet's ecosystem.
Leaked UK cables: A sign of a government in disarray
Leaked cables revealing United Kingdom Ambassador Kim Darroch criticizing President Trump have caused a rift between London and Washington.
Greece: Change of government, same old austerity
The sufferings of the Greek people have been great since the economic crisis that brought in a foreign-imposed austerity program. A July 7 election has given the country a new government, but will anything change?
Intra-Afghan peace dialogue is a hopeful sign of progress
Do high-profile talks about peace in Afghanistan mean America's longest war may be drawing to a close?
Beyond the rhetoric, an Iran-US war is far from certain
Although Iran and the U.S. seem to be on a collision course over the former's nuclear program, there is every reason to believe outright war is not the chief option.
Summer Davos brings opportunities to Bangladesh
Bangladesh is taking full advantage of the ongoing Summer Davos Forum in Dalian to draw on the collective wisdom of other countries and promote partnerships.
Boris Johnson set to become British PM
Barring unexpected disaster, Boris Johnson is expected to become Britain's next Prime Minister determined to lead the country out of the EU at all costs.
How to achieve denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula?
After the failure of the summit between American President Donald Trump and DPRK top leader Kim Jong-un, the issue of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is back in the limelight, hopefully leading to a much-needed-breakthrough.
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