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The US-Iran conundrum
Iran has already stretched itself too much by becoming part of international great games. In the process, it has ignored the realities on the ground at home.
The visit of Jeremy Hunt to Beijing
Only three weeks after assuming his post, Britain's foreign secretary was in Beijing, clearly demonstrating the importance the government in London is giving to enhanced China-U.K. relations. 
Are trade wars easy to win?
With the trade war between China and the U.S. now in full swing, both countries are beginning to feel the effects, with many on both sides against the war in the first place.
JCPOA in crisis: Implications for the Middle East
American withdrawal from the JCPOA designed to settle the Iranian nuclear issue raises the specter that Iran will follow suit, with dangerous implications for the entire Middle East.
Stark contrast of two presidential visits
President Xi Jinping's recent visit to Africa provided a telling contrast of tactful diplomacy against the bluster and rudeness of Donald Trump in Europe. No doubt who won.
The second golden decade of BRICS
The tectonic shift in the world economic and political system has increased the weight of BRICS and other such outfits.
Xi calls on BRICS to preserve multilateralism
This year's multi-national BRICS meeting was significant as it represented the de-facto ascension of the BRICS Plus cooperation.
A new Pakistan emerging after election
The recent election in Pakistan, with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan leading the way, offers a great chance for the country to enjoy a new era of prosperity and stability.
Germany attempts to chart an independent way
Germany and Japan attempt to achieve closer cooperation between countries which essentially share the fundamental characteristics of liberal democracy – and not just free trade.
China inching closer to football dream
China only once has qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals on the men's side, and that appearance in 2002 ended in total failure. Now, the prospects for Chinese football look much rosier.
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