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Politically correctness is harming Western progress
Political correctness in the Western tech sector is a contributing factor to the closing of the tech gap between the China and the U.S.
The ghost of Ghouta
The battle to evict rebel fighters from eastern Ghouta outside of the Syrian capital Damascus has proven ghastlier than expected.
Dialog, not provocation, is needed with North Korea
New sanctions by the U.S. targeting North Korea are a provocation that are not only more dangerous, but also less effective than peaceful negotiations.
​Why doesn't the US try gun control?
Despite the protestations of conservative politicians, the recent school shooting in Florida has made it harder than ever to deny that stricter gun legislation would save American lives.
Defending the King-dom
Pakistan will deploy an army contingent to Saudi Arabia to help protect the Prince against mounting internal and external threats.
Communist government vows to bring stability to Nepal
An alliance between Nepal's communist parties won landslide victories in last year's elections, but will their partnership be able to bring an end to the country's unrest?
Legislation is the only solution to US gun violence
With authorities responding weakly to last week's school shooting in Florida, average Americans are now demanding change to end the country's epidemic of gun violence.
A tale of two parades
President Donald Trump is determined to have a big military parade in Washington to trumpet his "American First" policy - but what message will it send to the world?
Celebrating time without end
​China's annual Spring Festival has no calendar start – and no end in sight. Like a world without end, it always was and always will be.
Alarming cost of Afghan war revealed by US
Despite spending vast amounts of money on waging war against militants in Afghanistan, the U.S. is no nearer achieving victory because its strategy ignores the civilian political element.
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