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How Pakistan joined the SCO
The SCO benefits Pakistan in four key areas, including its relationship with China, trade, its relationship with India and building peace worldwide. 
First SCO summit with India and Pakistan could inspire amity
India and Pakistan have an opportunity to resolve bilateral differences in the midst of multilateral discussion at the SCO summit.
​The SCO is a bastion of global stability
Economic developments show China's emphasis on the development of the SCO is entirely realistic. The SCO is crucial not only for geopolitical and security reasons but also for the economic development of its member states.
The state of the disunion
Compared to America 50 years ago – and to China today – divisions in U.S. politics have become vicious to the point of dysfunction, and are ultimately leading the nation to its downfall.
​Italy's populist politics and the EU
As Italian leaders move forward with forming the new government, ambivalence towards the EU will continue to strain ties and destabilize a nation long in need of clear direction to address political and economic issues.  
India and China can write brilliant chapters for SCO cooperation
India should abandon its preconceived view of the BRI when Prime Minister Modi meets President Xi in Qingdao this week.
Italy and the misreading of history
The EU has taken a huge existential risk by showing contempt for democracy in Italy.
SCO: A tale of security and stability
The SCO is just one part of a new picture that is emerging from the post-Cold War era. It appears to be a multilateral reality which will be an adjustment for some, but hopefully an opportunity for many.
British capitalism: A rentier econ
British capitalism has become a "rentier" economy, one in which surplus value increasingly comes from extracting "rents" and financial profits from the productive sectors in other parts of the world.
For Berlin and Beijing, it's simple euros and yuan
German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently visited China as the two countries are looking for even more opportunities to increase their growing trade and investment.
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