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​US cuts global vaccine funding
Despite Omicron, the latest mutation of the coronavirus, continuing to ravage the world, the U.S. has decided to cut funding for global vaccinations.
US talk of human rights disguises its pursuit of hegemony
While the U.S. presents itself to its own public as a force for good, it constantly seeks to use human rights discourse to advance its geopolitical goals.
Synergies are always possible
China and the EU, through their cooperation, continue to envision a world where they can achieve a framework of common understanding that will allow synergies towards common prosperity – and allow for their differences.
America needs to be honest, tariffs aren't beneficial
Recently announced tariff exemptions on goods from China add to growing evidence that suggests Trump-era tariffs have been detrimental to the U.S. and not delivered any economic gains.
Work together for the fresh start of Afghanistan
It's time for countries to work together to find a solution to help Afghanistan move forwards and find prosperity after decades of war and instability.
US hurt by high gas prices
As oil prices rise amid growing supply concerns, Americans stand to hurt more than most because of their gas- and car-obsessed lifestyles.
US ends funding for COVID-19 treatment
Despite dire warnings from scientists, the U.S. has all but given up its fight against COVID-19.
Not the time to ease COVID-19 restrictions
Weeks after easing mask mandates and restrictions, the coronavirus surges again across Europe.
Cooperation key to future of China-ROK relations
For 30 years, China and South Korea have pursued close trade and investment ties. Going forward, they should continue to pursue mutually cooperative relations.
What is China's foreign policy looking for?
At a recent press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi outlined how, through its foreign policy, China seeks to uphold multilateralism and works with all peace-loving countries to strengthen solidarity and cooperation.
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