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​In Mideast, China's strategy is economic
As China increases its infrastructure and investment in the Middle East, this relationship demonstrates the intersections of Arab countries' "eastward-looking" policies and China's "westward-looking" strategy.
​Pakistan's historic elections and quest for stability
Pakistan's upcoming parliamentary elections have been called the most vicious in the country's history. However, its people are hoping for a strong, stable government to lead them into the future. 
BRICS cooperation: from Xiamen to Johannesburg
Having witnessed a successful BRICS summit in Xiamen last year, the five countries will meet again in South Africa to solidify their cooperation and promote globalization.
Old friends and new realities
Today the world is experiencing new tensions, where developing and emerging countries seem to be drawing closer together as the developed nations pull further away. 
As Brexit crumbles, so does faith in democracy
With the U.K. in chaos over Brexit, voters are learning that democracy will always be second to the expectations and interests of the country's elites.
Angering US, Trump sides with Putin
Following the uproar over his nonconfrontational meeting with Russia's leader, U.S. President Donald Trump should realize that building ties with rivals can be accomplished without alienating his public at home.
Trump-Putin meeting will bring nothing new
Despite the build-up surrounding Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki, and the expressions of friendliness between the two leaders, we should expect no change of any real substance in the future of U.S.-Russian relations.
The future of Sino-European relations
Beijing favors compromising solutions and its stance is more constructive than that of Brussels because the latter seems to prefer to employ a reactive approach.
​Brexit deserves a second vote

For the U.K. to leave the European Union now because of a single, flawed referendum held two years prior would be arbitrary, imprudent and undemocratic.

​Erdogan's foreign policy choices and the role of BRI
The Chinese model should inspire peaceful solutions for Turkey instead of zero-sum choices that might even lead to military accidents. 
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