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2018 BFA to further promote a world of greater prosperity
The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), a pan-Asia dialogic platform, will make Asia more successful.
India-China trade relations: a united front against US protectionism
Last week's visit of China's minister of commerce to New Delhi verified the upswing in India-China trade relations in the face of "America First" protectionism.
Nepal, China set to enter new era of economic cooperation
With humanitarian and economic connections drawing closer in recent years, Nepal and China are set to take their bilateral ties to newer heights.
Regional cooperation needed to stop IS in Afghanistan
The growing threat of the Islamic State group in Afghanistan endangers neighboring countries as well, and requires a combined effort lest the entire region be put at risk.
​Chinese Socialism offers ideological bastion for Nepal's Communists
"Xi Thought" is sure to have an understandable influence in Nepal, especially in the hunt for the new guiding principle of the CPN.
​Kim needs China's support in best and worst-case scenarios
Having China at the center of the process is essential for de-escalating tensions and achieving a convergence of views.
​Kim's train journey toward peace
Following Kim Jong-un's train trip to Beijing comes a diplomatic flurry; but all leaders involved would be wise to resist rushing into an unrealistic denuclearization deal.
The initial act of the new Cold War
Following the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy living in Britain, Western powers seeking to punish Moscow may be slipping back into an outdated geopolitical mindset.
​Playing by the rules of today's game
Moscow sends a signal to those who still refrain from acknowledging Russia as an equal partner that their efforts to neutralize Russia's nuclear potential have failed.
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia MBS in search of legitimacy
The Crown Prince will receive the backing of the U.S. and other nations but lasting legitimacy will stem from the goodwill of his own people. 
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