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Economic and political outlook for Asia-Pacific
2017 was a year of great significance for Asia-Pacific. What happened during the year will influence the future of the region.
Lessons learned as the Iran protests come to an end
The new year's protests in Iran have fizzled out, but the unforeseen rallies, sparked by rising costs, should serve as an important warning that must be heeded by the Iranian government.
​Fire and Fury? Don't believe the hype
The media has gone crazy over Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury," but does the book really deserve the attention?
US decision on Palestine has trumped its maker
Peace in the Middle East and a two-state solution for Palestine may still be far off, but thanks to Trump’s polarizing announcement on Jerusalem the Palestinians ended 2017 and start 2018 with stronger global support for their cause.
Protectionism is bad for the international order
Recent acts of protectionism by the United States fly in the face of warming trade relations between China and the European Union, and risk jeopardizing burgeoning economic cooperation.
The way to the new Cold War
Despite continued nuclear threats, all US postwar presidents have failed to reset relations with Russia. Why?
​Macron's China visit looks promising
There is much optimism for closer relations between China and France when the latter's President Emmanuel Macron begins his visit today.
Order is preferable over chaos in Middle East
Those who want regime change in Iran should be careful about what they wish for. History is not on their side.
History important in Sino-Japanese relations
As China and Japan seek to promote their relationship, history cannot be ignored, especially the vital – largely overlooked – role of China in contributing to Japan’s defeat in WWII.
Transitions will drive pace of change in Southern Africa in 2018
A new future must be shaped across Southern Africa if the changes that successful liberation struggles heralded decades ago are to be realized under new leadership.
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