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A better year for China and the world
In the face of the world recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, multilateral cooperation remains the only reliable and safe antidote.
Work together for a community with a shared future for mankind
Confronted with historic changes of the times, countries need to abandon any ideological prejudice they may harbor, act outside one's own narrow interests, and work closely together. Only in this way can we jointly tide over difficulties.
New American administration, new US-China relations?
As Joe Biden was inaugurated as president on Wednesday, he acknowledged the myriad challenges facing his administration, one of which is undoubtedly repairing the China-U.S. relationship.
​It's time to turn a fresh page in US-China relations
​With a new administration installed in the White House, it's time for the U.S. to turn its back on the rhetoric of hate espoused by the former Trump administration and work for a new alliance with Beijing.
Trump is merely a symptom not cause of America's problems
Donald Trump is about to depart the White House, but the fractious legacy he leaves behind will continue to create dangerous divisions in the United States for years to come.
EU-China investment treaty shows importance of multilateral engagement
The landmark EU-China investment treaty is a successful outcome of engagement and multilateral dialogue, offering a brighter future for EU-China cooperation.
Brexit triumphalism obscures a grimmer reality
The recent Brexit agreement has prevented a much-feared no deal. But, behind the triumphalism from some quarters in the U.K., there is still much uncertainty ahead.
Vaccine should not make UK complacent ahead of Christmas
The United Kingdom is taking the lead in vaccinating against COVID-19. However, there is a danger this action could lead to complacency and help spread the disease even further.
Responding to challenges together
Despite existing challenges, China and the EU will continue to work together to enhance synergies and safeguard multilateralism.
Stability and cooperation remain the only beneficial route for US-China ties
As President-Elect Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House, it's clear one of his first actions must be to ditch the confrontational approach to China espoused for four years by the Trump administration.
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