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Sino-African relation: Heading towards a brighter future
An encouraging scenario is clearly emerging, showing a move towards deepening and strengthening Sino-African relations based on peace, cooperation, and mutual trust, that makes everyone a winner.
A trade war will cut US living standards
This essay illustrates why we can expect the 2nd half of 2018 and early 2019 to be the optimal economic time for the Trump administration to put trade pressure on China.
Can Imran Khan bring peace between India and Pakistan?
Imran Khan has a huge opportunity to reshape the subcontinental politics for generations to come and must navigate Pakistan's standing between the three giants of India, the U.S. and China.
Evolution of Malaysia-China relations
Ties have existed between the peoples of China and the Malay region for two millennia. Now, China and Malaysia are building an even stronger relationship suited to the times.
​A BRICST in the making
Turkey is seeking to join BRICS, and its addition to the five current members of the bloc would give it more muscle in economic policy-making the years ahead.
South-South cooperation increasingly important
President Xi's trip to the UAE and Africa provided further evidence that China does not wish to be over-dependent on relations with the West.
International community needs patience with Cambodia
Despite being autocratic and highhanded, the Cambodian leadership needs to be engaged with. The international community would do well not to resort to "failed" economic sanctions.
Trump threatening war with Iran
Sadly, fiery but empty words can lead to wars, and that's the incredible prospect at present with the escalation of Donald Trump's tweeted threats against Iran. 
The US-Iran conundrum
Iran has already stretched itself too much by becoming part of international great games. In the process, it has ignored the realities on the ground at home.
The visit of Jeremy Hunt to Beijing
Only three weeks after assuming his post, Britain's foreign secretary was in Beijing, clearly demonstrating the importance the government in London is giving to enhanced China-U.K. relations. 
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