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America is not a beacon of human rights
China recently released its annual "Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States," which, through extensive detail and research, seeks to highlight Washington's hypocrisy and double standards.
Will US Fed bankers sacrifice workers?
The U.S. might end up taking actions that will slow down its economy while achieving no change in inflation. If this happens, prices will continue to rise for working Americans, but they will have less money to pay for it.
Lessons of the Mao-Nixon meeting should never be forgotten
Some U.S. politicians have sought to rewrite the legacy of the Mao-Nixon meeting 50 years ago as a fateful mistake. We'd be wise instead to remember it for what it was: an innovative, pragmatic, and forward-thinking way to establish a new bilateral relationship.
US 'stands with the people of Afghanistan'… by stealing their money?
In seizing Afghanistan's financial reserves, the U.S. has pushed the country closer to a humanitarian crisis.
Beijing 2022: Win-win for participants and all
The achievements of athletes such as Gu Ailing and her counterparts from around the world at Beijing 2022 are a testament to the enduring spirit of the Olympic Games, and their ability to inspire us all.
A new moment in China-Argentina ties
During a recent visit to China by the president of Argentina, the South American nation formalized its incorporation into the Belt and Road Initiative, marking a crucial moment in relations between the two countries.
Chinese brands are making waves worldwide
Brand perception is the key to understanding the astonishing rise of global Chinese consumer brands rather than just logistics and innovation capabilities.
Beijing Winter Olympics to shine bright
With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicking off tomorrow, it's time the world sets aside its prejudices and hate, and instead focuses on the Olympic values of sportsmanship, fairness, openness, goodwill and impartiality.
The Sino-German relationship remains vital
The Germany-China relationship is one of the world's most critical and essential geopolitical relationships. It is not about a contest of ideologies, cultures, or civilizations but the pragmatic reality.
Western politicians have never really cared about Hong Kong's future
The election of the 7th Legislative Council of Hong Kong SAR ended smoothly on Dec. 19, with its newly elected membership featuring unprecedentedly broad representation.
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