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Looking at the CPEC with renewed optimism
Western media efforts to cast doubt on the commitment of the new government in Islamabad to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project are groundless, as recent events have shown.
Time to bridge Africa's infrastructure gap
China and Africa's cooperation in infrastructure building is creating win-win situation for both civilizations.
Five years of the long-term Belt and Road Initiative
It is hoped that Western media outlets will view the BRI in a fair and objective attitude without acting impulsively as it approaches five years since its conception.
'Look South' policy: a spoke in the wheel of Nepal-China ties?
Nepal should not have to choose between a "Look South" or "Look North" in building a prosperous and stable future, but instead should "Look Global."
Looking beyond survey findings to real hope in Sino-US ties
The latest Pew survey results on American attitudes towards China look a bit discouraging; however, there is a silver lining – youth and technology will have a big influence on people's views.
China's new development approach in Africa
China departs from the Western donor-recipient style of engagement with Africa and offers instead a new approach of international cooperation, with development at its core.
Salman Khan's 'Sultan' eyeing success in China
Another Bollywood blockbuster hits Chinese cinemas hoping to maintain the momentum of previous Indian films in promoting friendship between the two countries.
Mideast and Africa's road to China goes through Gwadar
With China's opening-up and increased global trade, Gwadar, a port in Pakistan, is an important trade route which will help make trade with China more efficient.
The Merkel-Putin meeting
Germany's recent friendly relations with Russia are worrying to Trump's economically-focused administration. 
Can Pakistan's new government bring a change?
As Pakistan's newest Prime Minister Imran Khan takes office, the world not only waits to see if the new leader can improve domestic issues, but is curious to see what his foreign policy will be, especially with the U.S., India, and China.
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