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Saudi women empowered behind the wheel
The removal of the driving ban against women in Saudi Arabia was hailed around the world as a positive move, with Saudi Arabia's economy and reputation set to see positive growth going forward. 
​Trump's America – The issue of immigration
With Donald Trump working to "make America great again," immigration has been a key focus of his, although recent policies have caused an uproar among the public. 
​Australia's pivotal strategic role in Indo-Pacific order
The recent Lowy institute poll shows what has been quite clear in strategic circles in Asia-Pacific, that the most relevant and pivotal country in the entire region is Australia.
First SCO film festival combines people and culture
Serving as a unique opportunity to highlight culture and cooperation, the first SCO film festival held in Qingdao was a smashing success. 
​PM Oli's visit elevates Sino-Nepalese ties to new high
The leaders of two nations will bear friendly historical references in mind as they move to seize on new opportunities to take their bilateral bond to a new high.
SCO charts a formal course ahead against protectionism
If the SCO can utilize its weight in geopolitics, it will be a phenomenal change in providing stability in Asia, at a time when the Western economies are retracing back to protectionism and isolationism.
Nepali communists hog the limelight
Despite their growing popularity, the Nepali communist parties, including the CPN, have confronted several problems with insufficient ideological orientation for their cadres.
Italy and Spain, united against austerity
Despite the media's focus on their political differences, the new governments of Italy and Spain may prove formidable allies against the German-led economic austerity of the EU.
Following the G7, the US stands alone
With unwelcome positions on tariffs and Russia, American President Donald Trump is alienating his country from the rest of the world's leading industrial nations.
India lacks a grand strategy in Asia
Despite rising expectations from the major powers, India has little to gain by playing a more assertive role in Asian affairs.
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