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The Merkel-Putin meeting
Germany's recent friendly relations with Russia are worrying to Trump's economically-focused administration. 
Can Pakistan's new government bring a change?
As Pakistan's newest Prime Minister Imran Khan takes office, the world not only waits to see if the new leader can improve domestic issues, but is curious to see what his foreign policy will be, especially with the U.S., India, and China.
China, Africa to build community with shared future
The upcoming Beijing FOCAC is of high significance as it will provide the opportunity to discuss new ways of collaboration between China and Africa.
​Talk of socialism stirs controversy in the US
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at the center of a debate regarding socialism in the United States, as many Americans question the free market.
The alt-right's lasting impact
While a much-touted Washington rally by the bigots of the alt-right movement was a total flop, there can be no complacency while a similar message is coming out of the White House.
​More global work needs to be done to protect wild tigers
Tigers have been part of the rich texture of both Indian and Chinese culture for centuries, but they face being extinct from the wild without urgent action.
Turkey's drift away from the West
The present quarrel between Turkey and the United States is merely a symptom of a long-term Turkish drift away from the West towards new alliances that looks irreversible.
Will Turkey and the US find common ground?
Although America and Turkey are locked in quarrels over many issues, there are links between them that cannot easily be dissolved and offer some hope.
The Russia-Pakistan paradigm
Moves by Russia and Pakistan to establish closer relations across a broad range of interests demonstrate clearly that, in geopolitics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies.
The Turkish economic crisis and China
Driven into the corner economically, Turkey is looking for new sources of help, but China might not be so forthcoming as it expects.
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