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The intertwined problems behind mass shootings in US
The problems of violence in the U.S. can be classified in many ways, analyzed using multiple frameworks and endlessly argued about – however, all of them are connected with each other.
The racial impact of US China policies
The United States must come to terms with the human consequences of its actions that have inflamed anti-Asian racism.
Anti-Asian hate crimes epidemic spreads across US
Harmful stereotypes that emerged in the 19th century against Asians emigrating to America have resurfaced in a vicious and deadly form today, and American society must expunge such racist thinking as soon as possible.
Why understanding Chinese foreign policy matters
The more China grows, the more its significance in the global arena rises. The analysis of Chinese foreign policy is a necessary prerequisite to better understand international relations.
A turning point for China and the world
After managing to control the pandemic and eliminate poverty domestically last year, China has now set its sights on further economic growth, becoming a high-income economy and curbing climate change.
Gaining insights into China's US policy
While some have derided the ministerial press conferences on the sidelines of China's annual legislative sessions as merely standard official responses, they actually serve to provide some meaningful insight into the workings of China's government, governance and policy making.
New avenues to be explored for Belt and Road cooperation
At the beginning of 2021, the situation looks better in China and the rest of the world. China is striving to maintain its success in eliminating COVID-19 cases domestically and fostering immunity for its 1.4-billion population. The more the vaccination process gains ground, the more it is likely that lives will return to normalcy.
US-China dialogue offers bottom line on strained relations
​High-level U.S. and Chinese officials will meet next week for the first time since the Biden administration took office. While relations cannot be premised on strategic affinity anymore, a bottom line can be drawn to help alleviate tensions and create common ground.
What issues are China's lawmakers focused on in 2021?
The 13th National People's Congress concluded its fourth annual session on March 11. What issues are China's lawmakers focused on this year?
China's development priorities for the next stage
As India and China both continue to confront global challenges and pursue economic recovery, it is heartening to see the path they are both on.
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