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CELAC driving for a Silk Road of shared interests
Latin American and Caribbean states seek to deepen strategic cooperation with China to jointly construct new global relations and foster common interests through the Belt and Road Initiative.
​Modi's balancing act in Davos
Despite lofty rhetoric, there're some structural challenges in the path to India's rapid development.
​Sino-British cooperation touches upon financial sector
Even before Britain separates from the EU, growing collaboration between Britain and China in the financial sector suggests a bright future for departing Britons.
New educational stratification and right-wing populist movements
Countries with a high rate of high educational attainment are more stratified and hence more susceptible to populist movements. 
​Donald Trump's first war with an ally
In Syria, Turkish and American interests are at odds in a situation that indicates a deepening rift between the two NATO powers. 
​Turkey's Afrin gamble
Opinions are divided in Turkey over the Afrin intervention and could exact a price if mismanaged.
Xi Jinping Thought gains traction with Nepali politicians
Nepalis, and their new government, are upbeat about the prospect of rapid economic growth by implementing the BRI projects and the trade and transit treaty with China.
America in search of new threats
Secretary of Defense Mattis' announcement to return to age old policies of realpolitik means that the world has learnt nothing from the destructive politics of last century.
Migration crying for urgent global action
It is the extent to which nations are prepared to reflect in practice what they agree to at world conferences that will decide how fast or slow the needed actions will follow and flow.
China to leave big footprint at Davos
The Chinese presence at Davos 2018 offers a good opportunity for leaders, economists and journalists to familiarize themselves with the country's economic achievements in a 'fractured world'.
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