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​The UK's economic prospects continue to dwindle
Faced with shrinking incomes and crippling levels of inflation, the U.K.'s grim economic prospects have also led to a tidal wave of discontent that has manifested in numerous strikes across its public sectors.
China-Cambodia ties: Endurance and success in the new era
The Cambodia-China view of a shared future is a recipe to bolster traditional ties while catering to the continued progress and integration of the region.
US tech decoupling poses risks to allies
The Chinese market is crucial for many of the world's economies. But as the U.S. pursues a burgeoning technology war against China, it also risks harming its allies in the process.
A partnership of resilience
Recent financial support for Sri Lanka and its people from China is an example of the two countries' time-tested bilateral friendship.
​How the US is breaking the global trading order
The U.S. seeks to aggressively shore up its advantages by willfully undermining the global trading order in the name of "America First."
What is really behind Iran's nuclear deadlock?
As the Iran nuclear deal remains in limbo, American politicians are pointing fingers at China for its supposed role in the stalemate. But a closer look reveals that the real obstacle lies within U.S. domestic politics.
The struggle to elect a new speaker shows the bitter divisions in US politics
The recent drawn-out and contentious election of Kevin McCarthy as U.S. House speaker looks to have a further destabilizing effect on American domestic politics and to U.S.-China relations.
Why 2023 marks the return to old world politics
The effects of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine mean that the global political environment is shifting into a new climate of "multipolarity," marking a decisive break with a longstanding period of American hegemony.
A call for closer relations between China and the Arab states
Since the 1950s, China and the Arab states have gradually established diplomatic relations built on mutual understanding and respect and acting as good partners on the basis of equality and win-win benefits.
​China's critical role in boosting global growth in 2023
Most countries of the world benefit significantly from globalization, and China, with its specific actions, shows that cooperation and economic engagement are better ways to ensure continued growth.
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