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Why does China have to apologize for Australia's crimes?
This week, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman tweeted an image of a scene described in Australia's own war crimes inquiry report. By demanding China apologize, Australia shows a clear lack of empathy for what has taken place.
Killing of Iran nuclear scientist adds uncertainties over Iran nuclear issue
The assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist is an added complication in the multilateral drive to settle the Iran nuclear issue.
Accelerate economic integration for regional prosperity
In a challenging global climate, upholding the openness and integration of China, Japan and South Korea is pivotal to sustaining peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
Challenges for the G20 in overcoming the pandemic
Faced by a virus that respects no borders, the G20 leaders should implement a coordinated, united and science-based global response to deal with the pandemic.
Signing of RCEP a victory for free trade
The recent signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by 15 Asia-Pacific countries, shows that the region will move forward on important issues with or without the U.S.
RCEP opens a new chapter for Asian development
The signing of the RCEP is a milestone for multilateralism and regional integration. A more integrated Asia Pacific region will help the world to sustain momentum in economic growth in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
How emerging economies should weather the post-pandemic era
Emerging economies stand to be hit significantly harder by the fallout of COVID-19 but there are steps that they can take to mitigate the economic and social damage.
What might Biden's Asian foreign policy look like?
As Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House in January, he will undoubtedly look to set out a new vision for America. But how exactly will his approach to Asia differ from his predecessor's?
No cause for envy: China's growth is good for the world
Western media are promoting a sense of envy at China's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, but this ignores the fact that other countries are doing the same, which should provide a valuable lesson.
US govt puts political interests before public health
The Trump administration's failure to tackle COVID-19 has been devastating in terms of case numbers and deaths, and, ultimately, will prove exceptionally damaging to global perceptions of America's image, competence, leadership and reliability.
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