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Reflecting on Sino-India ties in 2018
India has a great opportunity to cement regional stability and progress if it will reach out and accept the hand of friendship being offered by China.
Development of India-China relations in 2017
Relations between China and India were tense in the first half of 2017, but got better thereafter thanks to the efforts of leaders on both sides.
'Created in China' to be the new label
This year will see further significant progress in adding the label "Created in China" to the longstanding one of "Made in China" on exported goods.
Pitfalls of US new national security strategy
Every nation has a right to make progress and build national power by all available means and resources. However, Donald Trump is blindly pursuing a totally wrong approach.
While Trump dismisses climate change, China takes charge
As the U.S abdicates its leading role battling global warming, China seeks to transform its image from serial polluter to responsible environmentalist.
What can we expect in 2018?
As always as an old year ends and a new one looms, out come the crystal balls to try and predict the future. Despite many ongoing problems, this columnist sees cause for cautious optimism.
India gets strong messages from the China border
K.P. Sharma Oli has wasted no time in making it clear he wants strong ties with China to offset any Indian high-handedness.
EU starts second front against Poland
A row between the EU and Poland shows just how imperial Brussels is becoming, which is a guaranteed way to widen the divisions and doom the whole European concept to collapse.
Left Alliance set to form majority government in Nepal
Nepalese people have spoken, giving the Left Alliance a huge majority in federal and local elections to bring peace and prosperity to the nation.
International response to the 19th CPC National Congress
The 19th CPC National Congress certainly cemented Xi Jinping's significant impact on China, as evidenced by the Party Constitution having been amended to enshrine his name and his guiding thoughts…
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