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Deepening Sino-Indian cultural ties
The growth of cultural exchanges between China and India is creating a climate for better relations and closer cooperation between the giant neighbors.
Rationale behind Trump's withdrawal from Syria
Donald Trump has finally decided to withdraw American troops from Syria, but the U.S. will remain a major player in the region.
Can the Greek example be useful for the UK amidst its Brexit turmoil?
Britain PM is facing mounting political challenges as Brexit turmoil continues, but U.K. can look to Greece on how it successfully navigated through similar challenges.
The delicate act of restoring peace in Afghanistan
U.S. is taking steps to restore peace in Afghanistan with help of other countries, but more needs to be done to involve the Afghan government to ensure lasting stability.
COP24 meeting must produce big results to tackle climate change
Nations meeting at the COP24 summit under the Paris Agreement on climate change must set aside any differences and produce meaningful solutions to stave off disaster.
Macron's hard choices concerning 'yellow vests'
The political landscape in France is currently fragmented and Macron – sincere as he is – is causing further fragmentation with his economic policies.
Seizing the chance to save planet Earth
A meeting in Poland designed to push forward the Paris climate agreement is taking place in a mixed atmosphere of hope and gloom, but hopefully will produce effective measures to try and save our planet.
British politics in chaos
Sooner or later a Labour government is the most likely end game of the chaos engulfing Westminster.
World-class lessons from Shanghai FTZ
Amid the fifth anniversary of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, new economic zones are proliferating in China's critical productivity centers. Despite trade wars, China is opening but on its own terms.
The Migration crisis hits America
The tactic of unarmed masses mobbing and storming borders is here, and is here to stay. It happened in Europe, and it's happening in the U.S. now.
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