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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia MBS in search of legitimacy
The Crown Prince will receive the backing of the U.S. and other nations but lasting legitimacy will stem from the goodwill of his own people. 
Neocons and trade war
Trump risks alienating his rural base as they would be negatively affected by Chinese counter-tariffs on American agricultural products. 
Trust Barometer forecast: Sunshine in China, storms in US
The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, a global measure of the trust people place in their national institutions, tells of China's unprecedented sunny outlook and the U.S.'s increasingly gloomy view.
China will not be bullied with the threat of a trade war
In a multilateral world, no country should change or break the rules of trade that have served as the foundation of world order and peace. Unilateral action equates to bullying and should not be tolerated. 
Three reasons Trump's China tariffs are a bad idea
The American president's fixation on reducing the country's trade deficit with China is not only misinformed, but actively harmful to the national interest.
Tillerson's China-Africa remarks - a prejudiced thinking
It is unrealistic to say that China is plundering Africa's natural resources under the guise of long-term investments in Africa.
Preparing for the next SAARC Summit
Considering the improved relations between China and India, as well as mutual trade interests, India should have no objection to China's membership in the group.
Putin the unstoppable
As Putin is reelected to his fourth term, the West's inaction in the face of Russian resurgence may only spur the power and confidence of "Putin 4.0."
US-North Korea talks historic opportunity
Sometimes history is made and changed by great leaders. A successful meeting between the U.S. and North Korea could be a pivotal moment in history.
A trade war between the US and EU is inevitable
The differences between the EU and the U.S. are political, and not economic. 
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