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The return of an old doctrine shows the reality of the new world
The Monroe doctrine is back in American grand strategy, with serious significance for geopolitics.
Olympics window of opportunity for Korean Peace
It is still difficult to predict what diplomatic fruits will be achieved in Pyeongchang, and whether the Winter Olympics will lead to the mitigation of the Korean situation.
Is India on course-correction bid to improve ties with Nepal?
The new left government will have a chance to develop Nepal as a dynamic bridge between Nepal, India and China.
PM May's global Britain poised to gain from Chinese investment
Following PM Theresa May's visit to China, further partnership between China and post-Brexit Britain holds the promise of real benefits on both sides.
With market instability, do we hold steady or panic?
This week's dizzying swings on Wall Street follow years of warning signs that an overvalued market is due for a correction.
​Trump's State of the Union address ignores the true state of the world
The global signposts are up and the directions are clear. It all depends on how they are read in Washington.
​The future of the G2
As the so-called "liberal order" of the West declines, a proposed system of mutual Sino-American cooperation points to the future of international relations.
The partisan bias of Trump-era media
Competing stories in last week's news cycle prove that Trump's election has brought political partisanship in the U.S. to unprecedented levels.
​Chinese optical fiber link brings internet and new hope to Nepal
The completion of a fiber optic line from China into Nepal has delivered high-speed internet bandwidth, and with it the promise of Nepal's loosening reliance on India.
CELAC driving for a Silk Road of shared interests
Latin American and Caribbean states seek to deepen strategic cooperation with China to jointly construct new global relations and foster common interests through the Belt and Road Initiative.
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