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Participation of EU countries in BRI injecting new momentum
With member countries of the European Community warming to the idea of joining China's Belt and Road Initiative, prospects are rosy for growth of a community of shared interests.
The Belt and Road Initiative: A visionary project for the future of humanity
The Belt and Road Initiative is a bold move to create the infrastructure of the future to match the process of cybernetic globalization that is linking humanity together.
Notre Dame calamity a loss to world heritage
Following the tragic fire in Notre Dame, humanity mourns the loss of this historic relic, but must work harder to prevent such destructive fires in the future.
The agony of unending Brexit
With a new deadline of Oct. 31, PM Teresa May and the British Parliament have one last shot at negotiating a conclusion to the never-ending saga of Brexit.
A 'Halloween-esque' Brexit extension
The EU gives yet another Brexit extension, but there is still no end in sight to Britain's ongoing political stalemate.
The Piraeus miracle and the way forward
Greek government should act swiftly to resolve obstacles to further development in Piraeus to ensure a win-win result for China and Greece.
G7 economies have split views on the BRI
​A joint communique from the G7 affirms China's contributions to global trade, but the U.S. and Italy epitomize opposing viewpoints on the BRI.
Extended May Day holiday boost for domestic consumption
China has passed a raft of measures to boost its domestic economy including extended holidays, tax cuts, and the new foreign investment law.
Is there a way out of Venezuela's multiple crisis?
The government and the opposition must work together to improve the conditions in Venezuela.
What's in store for the Democrats after release of Mueller report
Mueller report deals a blow to the Democrats, but could also help the party focus on creating a strong political and economic agenda ahead of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.
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