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The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan: It's time to act
Given the economic and humanitarian crisis that the Afghan people are suffering, the international community needs to put the politics aside and find ways to provide financial support and necessary assistance.
Why 'Squid Game' resonates around the world
With slick visuals, great acting and entertaining plotlines, it's no surprise "Squid Game" has been a huge hit in South Korea. But there's more to why the show has found global success.
Chinese FM's new European tour
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's most recent visit to Europe demonstrates China's willingness to develop strong relations with several European states.
50 years in the UN: Building a community of common destiny for human rights
China has shown its commitment to the UN human rights system since it restored its lawful seat at the UN 50 years ago. Applying the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind will continue to benefit the international human rights community.
Cause of France-US dispute runs deeper
The decision by France to recall its ambassador from Washington marked the biggest shock to U.S.-France relations in decades. But there seems to be other reasons bubbling under the surface in addition to the anger over the sub deal.
US must drop zero-sum mentality about China
U.S. trade representative Katherine Tai's recent speech has sent signals that Washington is willing for dialogue with Beijing. But before that, the U.S. has to drop its zero-sum mentality and establish a dialogue which balances the realities of the two countries.
​Germany after Merkel
The next German government, irrespective of its political leanings, ought to be characterized by a determination to draw on Merkel's legacy and adapt to the changing environment.
AUKUS deal risks jeopardizing regional stability
The AUKUS pact made by the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia risks creating a "new Cold War" arms race in the Indo-Pacific region, which will ultimately undermine regional stability and prosperity.
A shared economic future for China and ASEAN
A record 300 billion yuan worth of deals signed at the recent China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning demonstrates that the development and prosperity of China and ASEAN are increasingly interdependent.
New stock exchange to serve innovation-driven SMEs
China's development theory post-1978 has always centered around making the decisions necessary to meeting the country's needs.
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