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Sophoclean irony in Iraq, for the United States
As America tries to extricate itself from Middle East, it is getting more and more bogged down in quicksand. This is what happens when ideology rules over pragmatism.
Putin's power, then and now
After 18 years as the Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin begins his unprecedented fourth term with more power -- and challenges -- than ever before.
Marx's birth bicentenary: Xi leads the way
As President Xi said, Marxism is an open-ended scientific theory and has the ability to reinvent itself.
Leaving Iran deal, US leaves leadership behind
With U.S. credibility counting now more than ever, Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal spells serious trouble for America's dwindling global leadership.
A summit overlooked in the West
Though it hasn't received much attention internationally, a recent meeting between the leaders of India and China suggests a growing alliance between two of the world's largest countries.
Modi-Xi informal meeting to boost confidence
The Modi-Xi meeting has reinvigorated the mechanisms of engagement for the development of Sino-Indian relations.
​200 years later: What is the significance of Karl Marx today?
Saturday brings the 200th anniversary of the birth of the unequaled philosopher Karl Marx. How is the contemporary world impacted by his ideas?
The starting point: Toward peace between the Koreas
With the recent Moon-Kim summit taking its place in history, global and regional allies must prepare for the complexities ahead as the Korean peninsula moves toward peace and reunification. 
Why did Macron and Merkel visit Trump?
The main conclusion after the recent meetings in the White House is that the U.S. president is setting the tone in transatlantic relations.
​Human rights hype isn't good for US or China
Human rights is a complicated issue that is by no means restricted to the narrow definitions forced upon it by the West.
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