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​Trump strikes Syria
The alleged chemical attack in Syria was fake.
​Bombing won't save Syria
The most recent airstrikes in Syria continue a pattern of foreign meddling that has destabilized the region while doing nothing to stop the violence.
India must overcome Sinophobia for better ties with Nepal
A sense of Sinophobia prevalent among the Indian media, former diplomats and ruling elites may also undermine the efforts to redefine Nepal-India relations.
The dangers of reading tea leaves in China
Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing the recent Boao Forum for Asia, gave a message that with or without the U.S. China will continue its policies on its own timetable.
Xi the globalist
China will continue to improve through reform and take steps in innovation to boost development, increase openness and expand cooperation.
​Xi's 2018 Boao speech sheds light on China's vision for a harmonious world
Xi's Boao speech was even more stronger than his speech at Davos 2017, and offered government and business leaders across the world an enthralling vision of China's commitment to economic cooperation.
Risk of broader regional war increases in Middle East
The Saudi offensive in Syria against Iran may increase, as the Saudis are aligning themselves against Iran and wish to have Israel on their side.
​China's alliances against America
With tensions rising between Beijing and Washington, China is seeking to use its ties with Russia and the EU to counter American unilateralism.
​Anticipating Xi's address at the 2018 Boao Forum
From the current state of trade relations to the BRI, President Xi Jinping is expected to highlight China's present position and future perspectives in his address at the Boao Forum.
2018 BFA to further promote a world of greater prosperity
The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), a pan-Asia dialogic platform, will make Asia more successful.
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