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Paris riots reflect growing dissent in France
The recent riots in Paris and other cities around France stem from a number of issues, including a weak economy, resentment on social media, and a strong dislike for French President Macron.
Can US-Saudi ties absorb heat of Kashoggi incident
President Trump's desire to maintain a cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia, in order to protect the American economy and maintain regional security, is being strained by the murder of the dissident Jamal Kashoggi.
Trump's Iran policy is repetition of history
There are strong forces in the U.S. that strongly oppose rapprochement with Iran.
Europe's imperial delusions pose a real threat
The idea now being floated by certain European politicians to create a European army is a dangerous and delusional concept that can only lead to creation of a destabilizing empire.
Britain's Versailles moment
Frankly, Theresa May's deal isn't Brexit. It also shows a fundamental truth, that the EU is imperial in character, and would impose its will on other powers.
Time to remember a war waged to end all wars
WWI was supposed to bring an end to war for humanity. It failed, but its 100th anniversary is a good time to reject the narrow nationalism.
Midterm election 'blue wave' fails to appear
In the U.S. congressional midterm elections, the Democrats focused on the wrong things. Their identity politics were rejected as voters favored candidates who focused on jobs, meaning Trump's policies for his blue-collar power base basically continuing unchanged.
Brazil voters move rightwards in favor of law and order
The win in Brazil's presidential election by far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro reflects the same underlying causes regarding the law and order ills plaguing the world.
Trump withdrawal from INF Treaty a bad move
Donald Trump seems more adept at breaking than brokering international agreements. However, his decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty begs the question: Isn't there a better way?
How much do American midterm elections matter?
Despite President Donald Trump's bluster over alleged Chinese "interference" in the forthcoming American mid-term elections, little will change in regard to Sino-U.S. relations no matter who wins.
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