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China's presence in Croatia sparking concerns in the West
The West has unfairly criticized China's growing presence in Croatia, but Sino-Croatian ties still look set to flourish.
America's growing Saudi problem
If U.S. desires to continue being called the leader of the liberal rule-based international order, the time to show it is now, by reining in Saudi Arabia amid allegations of the murder of a dissident in its consulate in Turkey.
Polarization of interests grows over Syria's Idleb
Recent events in Syria bring Damascus, Moscow and Tehran closer in the face of the U.S.-led NATO buildup, potentially increasing military tensions in the region to a new high.
China-ASEAN share the same vision
China and the 10 ASEAN countries are forging a strategic partnership that is a model for the world in international relations.
Return to nationalism and balance of power seen in Trump's UN speech
President Donald Trump's speech to the UN General Assembly was a milestone in American foreign policy. His country stands alone, having chosen to turn back the clock to old-style big power politics, military buildups and trade wars.
Denmark charts an alternative way for integration and secularism
In a surprise move, Danish social democrats are moving back to an old-style statist policy of enforced integration to cope with the migrant crisis – a possible lesson for other European leftwing parties.
Deciphering the Ahvaz terror attack
As Iran continues to deal with terrorist attacks, the country needs to do a better job both regionally and internationally.
Building a community of shared future for humanity
Elimination of poverty has been a big focus of China's drive for modernization. However, this is a global problem and a recent forum in Beijing shows how countries can learn from each other in this regard.
Can Russia-Turkey agreement save Idlib?
The Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey has created a tiny window of hope and opportunity in the war-torn Syrian region of Idlib. It should be fully respected and implemented.
Trump admin faces #MeToo crisis
Kavanaugh nomination to U.S. Supreme Court reflects shocking double standard towards sexual assault in Trump administration.
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