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Chinese textbooks teach kids in S. Sudan
More than 1.29 million English textbooks compiled by Chinese experts will be used by students in S. Sudan in the coming school year.
Chinese textbooks help with education in S. Sudan
As the new school semester approaches, more than 1.3 million copies of textbooks and teacher's guidebooks written by Chinese experts have arrived in South Sudan.
The new Confucian
Canadian scholar Roger T. Ames is pushing for Chinese culture to play a global role.
Children's classics an effort to tap global market
A set of Chinese children's literature classics was published in Beijing last week.
Devils in the details
Jin Yucheng is known for his impressive memory, his fantastic stories and his ability to recount them in vivid detail.
Inner Mongolian writer wins Lu Xun Literature Prize
The Seventh Lu Xun Literature Prize announced its final winners for 2014-17 in Beijing on Aug 11, who included Inner Mongolian writer Baoerji Yuanye.
Three albums showcase wide variety of calligraphic works
Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House and National Museum of China published album of classic calligraphic works from latter's collection.
China consumes more children's books
Twilight Sparkle, Peppa Pig and the Smurfs are famed illustrations that can be found at the 25th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), which has placed children's books in a central position.
Morocco showcases culture at Beijing int'l book fair
​At the ongoing 25th Beijing International Book Fair, Morocco, as a guest of honor, exhibits around 800 kinds of books and holds events to showcase African culture.
New book sheds light on Chinese pastries' rich history
Yu Jinjiang, has published the results of his four-year journey in a new book called Small Pastry, Great Culture.
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