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CPPCC member urges aid for struggling bookstores
A proposal to China's top political advisory body has urged support for the country's struggling physical bookstores, while a political advisor stressed their cultural significance.
Literature eyes global space
​In late February, the China Writers Association launched the Sailing Project at China Modern Literature Museum in Beijing.
China boosts ancient book preservation with technology
​A literature exhibition on the great Chinese ancient encyclopedia "Yongle Dadian" officially opened at the Lanzhou Museum in northwest China's Gansu Province on Tuesday, with some 70 pieces of material related to Lanzhou City in the classic for visitors to enjoy.
Rescuing China's sci-fi history: Keeping memories alive
Yang Feng, founder of Chinese sci-fi brand Eight Light Minutes Culture, felt a sense of urgency to document China's science fiction in a book to keep memories of pioneers alive.
35th Beijing Book Fair sees record-high attendance
The 35th Beijing Book Fair, held from Feb. 24 to 26, reported a record high of over 100,000 visits, according to the organizers.
A village finds its meaning
Set against the turbulent backdrop of war and upheaval, novel takes an insightful look into a community buffeted by history.
New novel explores challenges faced by urban elites
A new novel Shensheng Hunyin (The Sacred Marriage) by Xu Kun has been recently published by People's Literature Publishing House.
People take pleasure in reading at 31st Havana Int'l Book Fair
Thousands of people on Thursday attended the 31st Havana International Book Fair starting Feb. 9, the island's largest literary event.
World's largest floating library attracts book lovers
The world's largest floating library Logos Hope has welcomed over 25,000 visitors since it opened to the public on Jan. 26.
Shanghai welcomes Most Beautiful Swiss Books China Tour
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books China Tour will be on exhibit in Shanghai from February 10 to 13 at Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum.
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