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China's book market continues to grow in H1
China's book market continued to expand in the first half of this year, up nearly 11 percent year on year, China Daily reported Monday.
China's national library digitizes ancient books
China's national library has been digitizing its collection of antique books as a way of preserving and increasing the public accessibility.
Online novels bring Chinese pop culture closer to global audience
Online novels have already become part of modern popular culture in China, reinforced even more by novels converted into TV dramas and movies.
Mo Yan honored by Peruvian university
Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan was awarded an honorary doctorate from Peru's Pontifical Catholic University (PUCP) on Tuesday.
National library releases 3rd batch of Chinese classic books
The National Library of China has released the third batch of Chinese classic books, under its project to offer more reader-friendly editions of the classic canons and literature.
Macao holds 22nd Int'l Comparative Literature Congress
The International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) held its 22nd congress here in University of Macao on Monday, attracting over 1,200 experts and scholars from nearly 50 countries and regions.
Veteran Chinese author publishes anthology featuring love
Veteran writer Wang Meng has published an anthology of four of his recent works, and three of them deal with love, China Daily reported Monday.
Over 3,000 types of books exhibited at China's book expo
Over 3,000 types of books are on display at a book exhibition in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, showcasing the latest achievements of the country's publishing industry.
Book reveals Cook's recipe for ensuring Apple's freshness
Kahney interviewed Apple executives and members of Apple's public relations team and referred to many reports about Cook in order to write this book.
Collection of books on Tibetan epic released
A new set of books, considered the most complete versions of the Tibetan epic King Gesar, was released Saturday at a book expo in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
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