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Former Japanese PM donates books to Chinese library
Hosokawa donated 4,175 copies of ancient books in the Chinese language from his own collection to the National Library of China.
Historic wooden building turned into book store
A two-story historic Chinese building over 400 years old has been relocated and renovated into a book store, which opens in Shanghai Tuesday.
Teachers to play part in textbooks
English-language teaching experts encourage front-line educators to play a bigger role in compiling teaching materials to better serve the needs of their students.
Rare book donation fosters China-Japan bond
Japan's Eisei Bunko Museum donated 4,175 ancient Chinese books to the National Library of China on Tuesday.
First Arab-Chinese literature forum features dialogue between civilizations
The first Arab-Chinese Literature Forum kicked off in Cairo on Thursday with an aim to promote the dialogue between civilizations.
Ray Dalio shares 'Principles' with China
​Ray Dalio published his new book "Principles" in China and director Ye Fei shares insights on the billionaire investor and the book in her short documentary.
Notorious emperor was vilified, series claims
Was emperor Qin Shihuang a villain or a hero? Or something-or someone-in between?
Chinese crime fiction published in Britain
The English version of "Death Notice," a popular Chinese crime fiction by contemporary writer Zhou Haohui, was published in Britain Thursday.
Writing wrongs in the name of justice
In many ways, Chinese suspense novel writer Zhou Haohui is a perfect exponent of the genre.
Audio apps on the rise in China
Audio apps are growing in popularity among Chinese smartphone users as an alternative to reading.
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