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Murakami to open archive at Japanese university
Haruki Murakami will open an archive at his alma mater that includes manuscripts of his works and his massive collection of music.
Chinese novelist Zhou Libo remembered
A symposium to commemorate the 110th birth anniversary of the famous Chinese novelist and translator Zhou Libo was held in Beijing on Tuesday.
Tokyo love story
Convenience Store Woman is a Japanese literary sensation about an unconventional woman who finds contentment in an unexpected place.
Cyborg story wins Chinese sci-fi award
​A novel about human-robot relations won the best saga novel prize of the 9th Xingyun (Nebula) Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction, which was announced Saturday.
Chinese writers, scholars cherish values of late novelist Jin Yong's work
Commemorative activities after the death of the renowned novelist Jin Yong are continuing in China. Writers and scholars from Chinese literary circle have mourned and showed their respect, speaking highly of his work.
Leaders' tributes sent over death of HK writer
President Xi Jinping expressed deep sorrow on Friday over the passing of renowned Hong Kong martial arts novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung and extended condolences to his family.
Farewell swordsman: Readers saddened by death of Jin Yong
Disciples of Wudang, a martial school of Chinese Kung fu, mourn the death of Chinese novelist Jin Yong, at Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei Province, Oct. 31, 2018.
Misreading Lu Xun
Mike Pence turned his hand to modern Chinese literature to make a point when he attacked China in a recent speech, but he totally misread the Chinese writer he quoted.
Flood of warm memories prompted
Cha is probably the best-known and most widely read contemporary author in the Chinese-speaking world.
Most famous wuxia novelist Jin Yong's legacy will continue
The world famous Chinese martial arts novelist Louis Cha, also known by his pen name of Jin Yong, died aged 94 in Hong Kong on Tuesday and his legacy will continue to shine through in the coming years.
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