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Bookstores seek to bring people back to traditional reading
Zhong Shu Ge, one of China's most popular bookstores, is undertaking a drive to attract the least enthusiastic readers to realize the charm of this traditional activity.
Book series on prominent Chinese figures to enter school libraries
A recently published book series featuring stories of prominent historical figures has unveiled its special edition for school libraries in Beijing.
Shanghai show highlights genius of Victor Hugo
An exhibition featuring French writer Victor Hugo's celebrated creations and related works will take place in Shanghai from Tuesday through Dec. 1.
Chinese online literature favors more realistic themes
​Up to 65 percent of online literary works were about realistic themes, a 24-percent increase year on year, according to a report on the development of Chinese online literature in 2018.
New book calls for development of sun-based economy
"Sun-based Economy," a new book by Yasuyo Yamazaki, a former advisor to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, calls for a sustainable restructuring of the global economy.
Bringing the classics back to life
To revive a long-lost tradition, the National Library of China has teamed up with the Confucius Museum to host a book-sharing conference in Qufu.
Creatures featured in collection of emperor's animal encyclopedias
A new volume brings the beauty and imagination of rare Qing Dynasty natural history encyclopedias to readers.
Shaanxi shows the write stuff
The 29th National Book Expo held in China's northwest, highlighted local literary legends, national history and the sciences.
China's book market continues to grow in H1
China's book market continued to expand in the first half of this year, up nearly 11 percent year on year, China Daily reported Monday.
China's national library digitizes ancient books
China's national library has been digitizing its collection of antique books as a way of preserving and increasing the public accessibility.
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