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Régis Lansade: Falling in love with China
In mid-March, Régis Lansade met his Chinese readers in a Beijing comic book store specializing in stories about Western heroes.
Big city dreams along a Shanghai road
Rob Schmitz is the China correspondent for American Public Media's radio program Marketplace. In 2010, he settled in Shanghai in a neighborhood named Summit in the former French Concession.
Chinese version of Gifford's work published
Latest release The Chinese edition of Writers, a collection of short plays by American author Barry Gifford, 71, was recently published by Nanjing University Press, based in Jiangsu.
Elementary, junior high school students to receive new textbooks
Newly edited textbooks for Chinese elementary and junior high school students will officially launch nationwide on Sept. 1. The new textbooks are Mandarin, History and Morality and Laws.
Ethnic literature event held in Beijing
The International Promotion Programme of Chinese Ethnic Writers and International Forum on Translation and Publication of Chinese Ethnic Literature was held on Thursday in Beijing.
Exhibition shows Lu Xun's overseas friendships
Over 140 items, including 83 antiques and about 60 replicas, are on exhibition in the Shanghai Lu Xun museum, showing the late literary master's friendship with over 100 foreigners.
China's copyright deals increase at book fair
A total of 5,262 copyright deals have been made between China and foreign countries at the five-day Beijing International Book Fair, which concluded Sunday, up 4.9 percent year on year.
Chinese publications attract overseas publishers
Chinese publications have drawn much attention from overseas publishers during the ongoing Beijing International Book Fair, with many rights deals already being signed.
Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan returns with new stories
Chinese Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan has announced his new work.
Buoyant Chinese picture book market lures overseas publishers
Despite the exhibition hall's vast size and being filled with hundreds of children, there is no running, screaming or fighting. Instead, the children are all calmly holding pictures books, attentively reading.
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