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Acclaimed Israeli author Amos Oz dies at 79
Israel's renowned novelist Amos Oz died on Friday afternoon at the age of 79 after struggling with cancer, his family said.
Martial arts novelist signs NetEase digital literature deal
Novelist Woon Swee Oan reveals that he still possesses a passion and energy for writing, during a recent event in Hangzhou.
American professor's letters home from China published
A launch ceremony for an American professor's book of letters home from China was held on Saturday at Xiamen University.
Eryue He dies aged 73
On Dec. 15 before dawn, novelist Ling Jiefang, better known by his pseudonym Eryue He, died in Beijing at the age of 73.
'Understanding China' book series launched in Beijing
​"Understanding China," a book series depicting the country's historic changes in recent decades, intended for international readers, was launched on Sunday during the 3rd Understanding China Conference held in Beijing.
Literati mourn author of Emperor series
Elites from the world of literature and fans nationwide have been paying tribute to novelist Ling Jiefang, better known by his pen name Eryue He, who died on Saturday morning at age 73.
Projects launched to boost China, Mongolia publication partnership
The CCTSS Sino-Mongolian International Publishing Exchange Platform and the Sino-Mongolian Translation Workshop were launched by Chinese and Mongolian publishing agencies and translation institutions.
Building ties with books
Chinese publishers sign more than 200 agreements at this year's Algiers International Book Fair, Mei Jia reports in Algiers.
Palace Museum charm readers with interactive puzzle book
China's puzzle lovers will have a chance to rediscover the Forbidden City, as the Palace Museum will present its first-ever interactive puzzle book in January 2019.
The rarified atmosphere of an online bookshop
Whenever somebody is asked about the earliest online secondhand book-selling platform in China, if they can come up with an answer, chances are that it will be Kongfuzi Jiushu Wang (Confucius Old Book website). The site was set up in 2002, eight years after the internet arrived in China.
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