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Demand for Jin Yong's audiobooks soars in China
Sales of audiobooks by Jin Yong have risen remarkably in the month or so since the death of the celebrated wuxia novelist.
Ancient books publication helps promote Chinese culture
A freshly-published collection of rare Chinese classic ancient books was released in Beijing on Dec.1 with an aim to further promote traditional Chinese culture.
Books on archives of Confucius Family Mansion published
​Books based on 62 volumes of archives of the Confucius Family Mansion in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) have been published, shedding the light on the life in China about 500 years ago.
Readers' seminar on Xi's book on governance held in Lisbon
A readers' seminar on the book "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" has been held here just days before Chinese President Xi Jinping's scheduled state visit to Portugal.
China's tech boom inspires sci-fi writers
​What will happen if China sends high-speed trains the size of a leviathan to travel along the Belt and Road routes? Will it lead to the rise of previously lackluster inland cities? This was a question that intrigued much interest at a forum of Chinese sci-fi writers.
Chinese best-sellers take on the world
Global readers' passion for original Chinese storytelling reflects the world's interest in fast-growing China and its culture.
'That's China' bookshelf inaugurated at Confucius Institute of Barcelona
A special bookshelf named "That's China" has been inaugurated at the Confucius Institute of Barcelona, with the Spanish translations of more than 200 works of Chinese modern literature on display.
China creates large-scale corpus of Mongolian language literature
A corpus of Mongolian language literature containing 120 million words is expected to be completed by 2024, local authorities said Friday.
Palace Museum to launch puzzle-solving game book
An interactive puzzle-solving game book, Migong: Ruyi Linlang Tuji will be published by the publishing house of the Palace Museum.
Chinese martial arts novelist Shiao Ching-jen dies at 83
Chinese Wuxia (martial arts) novelist Shiao Ching-jen died of lung cancer in Los Angeles, the U.S. on Monday.
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