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Beijing int'l book fair highlights 70th anniversary of PRC
The 26th Beijing International Book Fair opened Wednesday with a focus on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Children's book about Liangzhu goes global
​A Chinese children's book about Liangzhu, a cultural site in Zhejiang Province newly inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was welcomed by foreign publishers at the 26th Beijing International Book Fair that opened Wednesday.
Foreigners win top publication prize
A total of 15 foreign writers, translators and publishers won China's top publication prize for introducing China and Chinese culture to the world.
Bilingual panda pictorial annals published in SW China
Authorities in southwest China's Sichuan Province, known as the home of pandas, have published Chinese and English pictorial annals of the giant bear.
New literary landscape at Beijing Int'l Book Fair
The Beijing International Book Fair is opening its doors this week, attracting thousands of industry professionals and fans of literature alike.
World publishers discuss China's int'l publication
Publishers from home and abroad gathered Monday to discuss China's international publication and exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.
Commercial Press offers nearly 60,000 digital books
The Commercial Press, a leading publishing house in China, on Monday launched a digital service platform offering readers access to nearly 60,000 books online.
Documentary-adapted books on Chinese cultural relics published
​Multilingual books adapted from "Every Treasure Tells a Story," a 100-episode documentary featuring 100 pieces of Chinese historical relics, have been released.
Five novels win China's top literature award
Five novels have won this year's Mao Dun Literature Prize, one of the four highest literature awards in China, the prize's organizer unveiled Friday.
Tsinghua researchers author book on Nepal
A book on the history and culture of Nepal was published by China Youth Press in a ceremony at the Embassy of Nepal in Beijing on Thursday.
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