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Conference promotes the beauty of dance
They swayed and stretched after receiving their instruction-several students moving their bodies to express the concept of "space."
National burlesque contest to be held in Henan
The national burlesque contest will be held in Kaifeng, Henan province, from Oct 27 to Nov 11. It is part of the 10th National Acrobatics Festival.
Dancers perform ballet 'Bright Red Star' in Shanghai
Dancers from Shanghai Ballet performed a ballet named "Bright Red Star" at Shanghai International Dance Center in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 24, 2018.
Theater exchanges bring Chinese, Japanese people closer
​When Chou Sugo, a senior student at Waseda University in Tokyo, saw the Chinese Kunqu Opera for the first time in his life here, he was greatly impressed.
Reimagining a classic
Classic theater productions' adaptations are inevitably compared with the originals-for better or for worse.
Veteran theater director makes Wuzhen debut
It is 5 am and Tadashi Suzuki is awake. The Japanese theater director enjoys walking in Wuzhen, the ancient town of canals located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province.
Wuzhen Theatre Festival: Young actors tackle social issues
The Wuzhen Theatre Festival in east China's Zhejiang Province is injecting energy into the sleepy water town of Wuzhen.
European director brings 'Diary of One Who Disappeared' to Beijing
World-famous musical 'Diary of One Who Disappeared' will be staged at the Beijing Music Festival on Oct. 22.
Theatre in education becomes in focus
Drama studies offer a learning avenue that can enhance the curriculum. However, there are questions as to how to use drama to its full benefit in the education system.
Unique expo pays homage to legendary Cuban dancer
​In one of the halls of Havana's Grand Theater on Saturday, 39 canvases, four installations, a bronze sculpture and three creations of mixed media on resin and fabric started their display.
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