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Theatrical Lao She adaptation returns to stage
"Five Acts of Life," a theatrical adaptation of short stories by famed late Chinese novelist and dramatist Lao She, will tour China from July to November.
Italian director to bring classic Gounod opera to the stage
The National Centre for the Performing Arts invited Italian director Stefano Poda to bring the five-act opera, Romeo and Juliet to the stage.
2018 Theatertreffen debuts in China
The Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center will host Five Easy Pieces, a play starring children, as part of the Theatertreffen in China program from July 7 to 8.
Chinese ballet troupe performs in Thailand
The ballet Melody on the Toe, Charm of Tianjin was staged at the theater of the China Cultural Center in Bangkok.
China National Theatre for Children unveils first play of year
Yueliang Cao (Moon Grass), is due to premiere on July 7 at their Beijing theater to kick off the 8th China Children's Theater Festival opening on July 14.
UNESCO facilitators experience magic of Kunqu Opera
UNESCO facilitators made a field visit in Hangzhou to learn more about Kunqu Opera, one of the Chinese traditional opera forms.
Youku catches World Cup bug
Actor Shen Teng, dressed as a goalkeeper in a recent soccer show, This Is World Ball, was asked to pick out the photo of German soccer player Mats Hummels from several photos.
Genre-blurring dance event sets stage for young talent
An annual event called Chinese Dance for 12 Days will be held at the National Center for the Performing Arts from July 14 to August 1.
Artist promotes Peking Opera in Taiwan
A renowned Peking Opera artist in Taiwan is trying to promote the traditional art form with exhibitions and performances.
'Love Letters' to debut in Beijing in August
TV host-turned actress Zhou Tao will now return to the stage, albeit one of a different nature, for her debut performance in the theatrical production Love Letters.
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