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Italian opera director pursues dream in Greater Bay Area
The Guangzhou version of "Rita" was adapted for the city by Italian opera director Peter Gordon and Italian composer Marco Iannelli.
Dance drama tells generations of workers in Ningbo harbor's stories
Ningbo Performance & Arts Group is going to premiere its latest dance drama, Great Port in the East, on May 15 and 16.
China Quyi Artists Association elects new head
Feng Gong, a well-known Chinese crosstalk artist, has been elected as the new president of the China Quyi Artists Association.
Drama 'Beijing Fayuan Temple' to be staged in Beijing
A theatrical adaptation of Taiwan writer Li Ao's debut novel "Beijing Fayuan Temple" will be staged at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing from May 18 to 28.
Wuzhen Theater Festival set to open in October
Under the theme of "Arise", the 10th Wuzhen Theater Festival will take place from Oct 9 to 29 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.
Chinese version of Hamlet to hit stage
The Chinese version of the most celebrated Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet will premiere on May 11 at the Shanghai Culture Square.
Phantom set to appear
The first Chinese production of the Phantom of the Opera will premiere at the Shanghai Grand Theatre on May 2.
Mo Yan's Frog awes hearts in Russian premiere
A Russian rendition of Frog, based on the work by contemporary Chinese writer and Nobel laureate Mo Yan, premiered in Russia.
Chinese Language Day: When crosstalk meets with foreigners
Crosstalk is an art about language, and boasting a history of over two centuries. It has been selected into China's list of intangible cultural heritage items.
Beijing People's Art Theater cultivates new talent
On April 19, Beijing People's Art Theater announced its latest training program for young actors in the capital.
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