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Blackpool Dance Festival (China) opens in Shanghai
Over 3,000 contestants from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the seven-day activity.
Trio of famous musicals set for their debut in Shanghai
Three musicals will have their China premiere at the SAIC Shanghai Culture Square this coming December and in January of 2019.
Shanghai event showcases China's progress in ballet
"Now Chinese dancers are being invited ... to go abroad. They learn a lot of things, get knowledge, experience and know-how."
Adapting to a new idiom
​Beijing is due to host a major international summit for children's theater managers and artists.
Lao She Int'l Theater Festival to open
Theater enthusiasts in Beijing are looking forward to a bright autumn, as the second Lao She International Theater Festival will kick off next month, bringing quite a number of domestic and international performances to the stage.
Cheers for spirit of science
The new season of CCTV's education quiz show will feature a gravity-defying goal by a Brazilian soccer star, and an aspiring 12-year-old tech entrepreneur.
Court of appeal
A new star-studded reality TV show, Dunk of China, is tapping into young Chinese people's love of basketball.
Dance show adds unique touch to artist's installations
Dancer Gaoyan Jinzi and her modern dance troupe perform at the Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson's solo show in Beijing.
2018 China Kunming Yi Torch Festival held in Yunnan
A three-day carnival for ethnic minority Yi people has been held in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province.
Sixth Wuzhen Theatre Festival set for October
The sixth Wuzhen Theatre Festival in 2018, with a theme of magnanimity, will be held in Wuzhen, from Oct 18 to 28.
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