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'Happy Chinese New Year: Impression of China' debuts in the Netherlands
On Feb 19, an evening gala, Happy Chinese New Year: Impression of China, debuted successfully in Purmerend, the Netherlands.
Peking Opera actress follows veteran to revive old art form
A young Peking Opera actress follows in the footsteps of a veteran to revive the old art form.
1st Denver Int'l Electronic Music Festival features Chinese elements
The first annual Denver International Electronic Music Festival concluded on Sunday in the capital city of Colorado.
Chinese New Year celebrations launched in New York
The fourth "Happy Chinese New Year: Fantastic Art China" program was launched in New York on Feb. 6 ahead of the Spring Festival.
Latvian capital holds Chinese New Year celebration
Chinese and Latvian people joined in celebrations in Riga on Feb. 10 ahead of the Chinese New Year.
'Happy Chinese New Year' gala lights up Copenhagen
On Feb. 8, the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, the Beijing municipal government and the Copenhagen government held a ceremony in downtown Copenhagen.
Foreign students train at birthplace of Chinese acrobatics
Founded in 1985, Hebei Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School has not just trained Chinese acrobats but also more than 400 foreign students from developing countries。
Mandarin version of musical Beauty and the Beast to premiere
A Mandarin production of the Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast will premiere at the Walt Disney Grand Theater in Shanghai Disney Resort this summer.
Chinese dancers portray love, war and resilience on US stage
The artists behind Dragon Boat Racing hope the themes conveyed on stage – love, war, and resilience – can ultimately transcend borders.
When laughter is no laughing matter
As the laughter dies down, a shallow smile settles on bald Xi Jiangyue's face, and from the front row you can almost hear his eyes, shouting out that he really is not enjoying this.
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