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Opera gives villagers nights to remember
Villagers have feasted their eyes on classic folk opera performances since the beginning of this year.
Theater hosts a monster event for kids
"Monsters in the Forbidden City," a popular series of children plays, will be a resident show in Beijing.
14th National Dance Exhibition opens in Inner Mongolia
The 14th National Dance Exhibition made a captivating start with actors delivering a stunning performance in the opening ballet, "Cavalry."
Integrate revolutionary spirit into the gentle art of Huangmei opera
Huangmei Opera is a national-level form of intangible cultural heritage in China.
Chinese Wushu performance welcomed in Albania
A delegation of the Chinese Wushu Association held a Wushu performance in Albania capital Tirana on Saturday and was warmly welcomed by the local audience.
Chinese dance festival amazes London audience
A Chinese dance show was held in east London on Saturday evening, offering the local audience a sensory cultural feast.
'See Yungang Again' art show performed at China's Yungang Grottoes
​An onsite art show displaying the grandeur and cultural connotation of the Yungang Grottoes took place in Datong City.
Snake legend for ballet stage
The Legend of the White Snake, an original ballet production by Guangzhou Ballet, will premiere in Beijing.
Beijing Dance Academy's performances awe Romanian audience
​The Auditorium of the Polytechnical University of Bucharest was packed with people from all walks of life.
Chinese kung fu dance drama wows int'l audience
A dance drama featuring traditional Chinese kung fu was warmly applauded by the diplomats from 29 countries who were in the audience.
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