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Chinese acrobatics impresses Chicago audience
U.S. leading acrobatics team UniverSoul Circus put on a performance in Chicago on Sunday, and one Chinese acrobatic troupe won applause from the audience.
Chinese, European artists stage concert at UN Geneva headquarters
A gala concert titled "China meets West" was held Friday evening at the Palais des Nations, the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.
Hamlet returns in new version
Of all the works of William Shakespeare that have graced the theaters in China, Hamlet is arguably the most famous among Chinese audiences. It has also been adapted many times in the country.
Moves and numbers
Folk singer-songwriter Xiao He was invited by a friend to watch a contemporary dance performance by Tao Dance Theater in Beijing in 2009.
National theater holds series of activities to inspire children
Over the past 40 years, China National Theater for Children has become children's spiritual paradise, with its performances well-received in both China and overseas.
The wait is over
Lin Zhaohua staged the play The Three Sisters Waiting for Godot again from Sept. 20 to 24 in Beijing, following 60 performances of the play in 44 Chinese cities since late last year.
Conference promotes the beauty of dance
They swayed and stretched after receiving their instruction-several students moving their bodies to express the concept of "space."
National burlesque contest to be held in Henan
The national burlesque contest will be held in Kaifeng, Henan province, from Oct 27 to Nov 11. It is part of the 10th National Acrobatics Festival.
Dancers perform ballet 'Bright Red Star' in Shanghai
Dancers from Shanghai Ballet performed a ballet named "Bright Red Star" at Shanghai International Dance Center in Shanghai, east China, Oct. 24, 2018.
Theater exchanges bring Chinese, Japanese people closer
​When Chou Sugo, a senior student at Waseda University in Tokyo, saw the Chinese Kunqu Opera for the first time in his life here, he was greatly impressed.
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