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A Baroque and rock tribute to Mozart
The most illustrious composer of our time is to be celebrated, as Shanghai gets ready to rock in Baroque style with the French musical "Mozart – L'opera Rock."
'Legally Blonde' musical to brighten the Shanghai stage
Four young girls and two lovely dogs will dazzle the Shanghai stage as Broadway musical "Legally Blonde" will make its China premiere this December.
English musical by students staged in Beijing
An English musical by students and teachers of the Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University, premiered in Beijing on Nov 1.
Britain bars export of rare copy of Shakespeare rival Ben Jonson's play
British Arts Minister John Glen Monday put a temporary export bar on a rare annotated copy of a book by Shakespeare's venerable rival Ben Jonson to provide an opportunity to keep it in the country.
Musical about Jews in Shanghai to hit Broadway
A local produced musical about Jewish refugees in Shanghai before and during World War II is to be staged regularly in New York and Shanghai simultaneously.
Chinese label kicks off 1st UK hip-hop show
Three groups of Chinese hip-hop singers will perform in a show at the O2 Ritz Manchester in the U.K. on Nov 9.
Beijing festival showcases traditional arts
Performers of shadow play, Peking Opera and acrobatics are displaying their skills at the Traditional Culture & Arts Week in Beijing.
Suzhou ballet troupe takes to Europe
In 2007, ballerina Li Ying decided to retire at the age of 38. It was a tough decision because she had foot surgeries twice already and had been forced to endure the pain of recovery while dancing.
Fresh take on Swedish work at drama festival
"Miss Julie," one of Swedish playwright August Strindberg's most representative works, has been adapted for the stage as a traditional Chinese opera.
Chinese-Irish girl dances her way to the top
Small body, big power, a 10-year-old Chinese girl who has been living in Ireland has taken her ballroom dancing to the top on the international stage.
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