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Chinese traditional operas revitalized by social media
On China's popular social media Sina Weibo, the topic "How stunning is Chinese opera" has been read 26.32 million times and has sparked 18,000 discussions.
Budapest int'l Circus Festival kicks off
The 15th Budapest International Circus Festival, one of the world's most prestigious such events hosted by the Capital Circus of Budapest, opened here on Wednesday.
Theater takes center stage
A prestigious director's vision to turn a small town in Jiangxi province into a cultural hub for theater practitioners, students and enthusiasts is now coming to life.
Street dance in China -- from niche to pop culture phenomenon
Recently, the China Hip-hop Union Committee (CHUC) under the China Dancers Association celebrated its 10th anniversary. Set up in September 2013 to facilitate the development of street dance, the committee has made notable efforts in this regard in about a decade.
Youthful spirits revitalize life of aged students
As melodic tunes permeate the classroom, a group of students gracefully manipulate their folding fans, moving to the rhythm and cadence of teacher Li Sijun's instructions.
Renowned Peking Opera theater reopens after renovation work
The Huguang Guild Hall, one of the most renowned Peking Opera theaters in Beijing, reopened on Friday after nearly two years of closure due to renovation work.
Pulling together to stage a classic
New play, adapted from Lao She's "Rickshaw Boy," takes a different route to previous versions.
A classic tale returns
Russian musical "Anna Karenina" goes back to its story of origin as it begins a tour of Chinese theaters.
Tianjin's child actors shine in Peking Opera classic
Forty young Peking Opera enthusiasts performed the Peking Opera classic to celebrate the new year on Jan 1 in Tianjin.
Child play staged during New Year holiday in Xi'an
Dramas, concerts and shows for children were staged during the New Year holiday in the northwestern city of Xi'an.
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