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Face-changing show demonstrates unique charm of Sichuan Opera
Facing-changing, or Bianlian in Chinese, is a traditional Sichuanese stunt. Performers can change with different styles of masks while performing.
Veteran entertainers get new chance to shine in show
The first episode of the talent show Call Me by Fire has notched up more than 606 million views on the platform.
Tibetan drama graduates stage Hamlet in Lhasa
The 23-year-old Tonzhub Cering has recently staged Shakespeare's masterpiece with 21 other Tibetan drama graduates in Lhasa.
NZ students compete for Chinese proficiency
Thirty-four secondary school students from across New Zealand competed for Chinese proficiency in the annual "Chinese Bridge" competition held on Sunday.
Province puts money where its operatic mouth is
Henan is a cradle of Chinese civilization, with a treasure trove of cultural heritage that can be presented in many new and different ways to appeal to the public.
Classic Chinese opera 'Jiang Jie' to be staged in Beijing
Classic Chinese opera Jiang Jie will be restaged at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing on Aug 28 and 29.
Chinese drama gaining traction in Kenya
The program that has captivated audiences in Kenya is set during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-AD 25) and is a love triangle that involves a beautiful young woman and an emperor.
China Hammock Dance Championships held in Tianjin
China Hammock Dance Championships is held in Tianjin on July 22, 2021.
Students mark historic journey
Students from the Beijing Dance Academy performed during the grand gala show The Grand Journey.
Cultural legacy on Tibetan Plateau: Ganzi tap dance
The Tibetan people have such a dance form of their own that is now enlisted as a national intangible cultural heritage.
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